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Kindness and Health

Love this …some cool science as well 🙂

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LIFE and Love, Gratitude and Praise

‘Gratitude is the most passionate transformative force in the cosmos. When we offer thanks…. gratitude gifts us with renewal, reflection, reconnection. Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world.
Once we accept that abundance and lack are parallel realities and that each day we choose – consciously or unconsciously – which world we will inhabit, a deep inner shift in our reality occurs. We discover the sacred in the ordinary and we realise that every day is literally a gift…’
Sarah Ban Breathnach ‘Simple Abundance’

Physical immortality philosophy puts us into a state of GRACE – the cornerstone of this philosophy is opening the heart using the qualities of praise, love and gratitude.

These qualities move you from the law of Karma to  the law of Grace. Praise the Divine in all things. Robert Coon in his book “The Science of Everlasting Life” says – “Praise is a fiery energy that purifies. Cultivate an enthusiastic spiritual fire within and bathe and anoint all creation with this cleansing flame. Praise glorifies the Creation and reveals the Immortal presence of the Creator”.

Unconditional love of self and all others allows freedom of expression. Once we love every aspect of ourselves unconditionally we automatically love others unconditionally.

Gratitude is very powerful for moving from Karma to Grace. Robert Coon in his book “Voyage to Avalon” has this to say – “As you explore the subterranean recesses of the heart, let the lamp of joyous gratitude light thy way … often you experience the same Karmic event time after time until you react with gratitude – only then do you make the evolutionary jump to new dimensions of life. The Law of Grace is far more powerful than the Law of Karma …. “.

Gratitude multiplies blessings. Start using gratitude for the good things in your life, see your focus change and the blessings in your life increase. Gratitude allows you to see the cup half full, not half empty.

For the situations that are causing difficulty, use the “Gratitude Bubble”,

  • 1) Spend a couple of minutes being grateful from the heart for your blessings.
  • 2) Visualise the difficult situation or person, bring it into your heart if possible.
  • 3) Say or think “Thanks for this situation. I now choose a  different perception”.

When you commence the “Gratitude Bubble” exercise you will probably not be able to have genuine gratitude radiating from your heart about the difficulty. However, all you need is a willingness to be grateful – the more you do it, the more the understanding will come and you will start to feel true gratitude. The situation will resolve.

Forgiveness is a stepping stone to gratitude. When we become aware that every event in our lives is giving us valuable lessons and insights, we realise there is nothing to forgive. We learn to take responsibility for drawing certain events to ourselves. We also, realise that we can learn through JOY and no longer need to learn through pain and suffering.


The Fun Way of Physical Immortality Philosophy’ Dr Janni Lloyd – Book and eBook available at


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Immortal or near Immortal Organisms

This is REALLY interesting…there are a few creatures in this that I didn’t know about 🙂

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Being Ageless – what does it mean ? Dr Janni Lloyd

” I was just thinking that I do not believe that we need to focus on being “ageless”, but rather accept that we are “without age” to begin with. This thought takes me to a different place in my mind than trying to change a concept of who I’ve been taught I am. As I ponder the state of being called “without age,” my mind and body seems to take me to a different location so to speak, where my relationship to everything around / within me changes.”
Lisa Scottt

“It would seem to me that the very DECISION to ‘Be Ageless’ to the Best degree possible, in this life… that is the No.1 start, to open the door that will bring through all the where with all to Accomplish, whatever is going to Individually, BE Possible, in this life.
…and With that Decision made, we can go forward into the Exploration of just what May be possible for each of us.”
Susan Glynn​

I feel what we call ‘ageing’ is actually a chronic dis-ease that we
have simply accepted.
Because we believed “physical death was inevitable” we created a
way of fading out of life slowly – “ageing”. If we liken our life force
to a fully open stream of water – we turned the tap off slowly. It’s
time to question this chronic dis-ease – do not accept anything as a
symptom of ‘ageing’, see a health professional (at this stage
Holistic practitioners are usually more helpful in this area) if you
can’t sort out the imbalance yourself. When I was working as a medical
doctor, I had people who had only been on the earth 26 years say
to me that whatever was ailing them “must be their age”!

From his book “Ageless Body Timeless Mind” here is what Deepak Chopra says –
“Because the mind influences every cell in the body, human ageing is
fluid and changeable, it can speed up, slow down, stop for a time, and
even reverse itself. Hundreds of research findings from the last three
decades have verified that ageing is much more dependent on the
individual than was ever dreamed of in the past … to challenge ageing
at it’s core, this entire world view must be challenged first, for
nothing holds more power, over the body than beliefs of the mind.”

He goes on to say many pages later ” …. We need to overturn the beliefs
supported by fear. In place of the belief that your body decays with
time, nurture the belief that your body is new at every moment. In
place of the belief that your body is a mindless machine, nurture the
belief that your body is infused with the deep intelligence of life,
whose sole purpose is to sustain you. These new beliefs are not just
nicer to live with they are true – we experience the joy of life
through our bodies, so it is only natural to believe that our bodies
are not set against us but want what we want.”

Sondra Ray in “How to be Chic, Fabulous and Live Forever” has this to say
about the belief in death and ageing – ” … who would want to live
forever in a body that was old, decrepit, and full of pain? Nobody ….
But do you know that your body is full of pain, or has any pain,
because you are hanging onto the death urge in the first place? Trying
to live while holding onto the thought that death is inevitable is like
driving a car forward with the gears in reverse and/or with the brakes
on. Eventually it just will not work. The body cannot resolve that
conflict in the mind. It is getting mixed instructions. Since all pain
is the effort involved in clinging to a negative thought, and since the
worst anti-life negative thought is death (the opposite of life), then
you can begin to see how death thoughts and old age thoughts lead to
pain …”

A study was done in 1979, by psychologist
Ellen Langer and her team at Harvard, which demonstrates the power of
the mind to reverse ageing. Deepak Chopra describes this study in
“Ageless Body, Timeless Mind” – “The subjects, all 75 or older and in
good health, were asked to meet for a weeks retreat at a country
resort. They were informed in advance that they would be given a
battery of physical and mental exams, but in addition one unusual
stipulation was placed upon them; they were not allowed to bring any
newspapers, magazines, books or family photos dated later than 1959.
The purpose of this odd request became clear when they arrived – the
resort had been set up to duplicate life as it was 20 years earlier.
Instead of magazines from 1979, the reading tables held issues of Life
and Saturday Evening Post from 1959. The only music played was 20 years
old, and in keeping with this flashback, the men were asked
to behave entirely as if the year were 1959. All talk had to refer to
events and people of that year. Every detail of their week in the
country was geared to make each subject feel, look, talk and behave as
he had in his mid 50′s.
During this period, Langer’s team made extensive measurements of the subjects biological age.
Gerontologists have not been able to fix the precise markers that
define biological age, as I noted earlier, but a general profile was
compiled for each man using measurements of physical strength, posture,
perception, cognition and short term memory along with thresholds of
hearing, sight and taste.

The Harvard team wanted to change the context in which these men saw themselves. The premise of their experiment was that seeing oneself as old or young directly
influences the ageing process itself. To shift their context back to
1959 the researchers had their subjects wear ID photo’s taken 20 years
before – the group learned to identify one another through these
pictures rather than present appearance, they were instructed to talk
exclusively in the present tense of 1959 (“I wonder if President
Eisenhower will go with Nixon next election”); their wives and children
were referred to as if they were also 20 years younger; although all
the men were retired, they talked about their careers as if they were
still in full swing.

The results of this playacting were
remarkable. Compared to a control group that went on retreat but
continued to live in the world of 1979, the make believe group improved
in memory and manual dexterity. They were more active and self
sufficient about such things as taking their own food at meals and
cleaning up their rooms, behaving much more like 55 year olds than 75
year olds (many had become dependent on younger family members to
perform everyday tasks for them).

Perhaps the most remarkable change had to do with aspects of ageing that were considered
irreversible. Impartial judges who were asked to study before and after
pictures of the men detected that their faces looked visibly younger by
an average of three years. Measurements of finger length, which tends
to shorten with age, indicated that their fingers
had lengthened, stiffened joints were more flexible and posture had
started to straighten as it had in younger years. The control group
also showed some improvements (Langer explained this by the fact that
going on a trip and being treated specially made them feel younger
too). But the control group actually declined in certain markers such
as manual dexterity and finger length. Intelligence is considered fixed
in adults, yet over half of the experimental group showed increased
intelligence over the five days of their return to 1959, while a
quarter of the control group declined in IQ test scores.

Professor Langer’s study was a landmark in proving that the so called
irreversible signs of ageing could be reversed using psychological

What a wonderful experiment! Those results
were obtained in one week. Pause for a few moments and let the meaning
of this sink in. These men “youthed” significantly in SEVEN days.

Dr Bruce Lipton talks of studies in the field of Epigenetics that show that ‘perceptional shifts’ can create 30000 variations on each gene blueprint. WE are the programmers of the GENES – we are not victims of our genes.

Become aware of your thoughts, emotions ,words and actions – they all create results in your reality. Are they contributing to vitality and life or sickness,
ageing and death?

Start dismantling your social conditioning today,
reprogram your subconscious and watch the miracles unfold…


The Fun Way of Physical Immortality Philosophy’ Dr Janni Lloyd Book and eBook available at

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Time and the Timeless…an eternal dance…

Time is our friend
Before us
its playground

Its mystery unfolding
a theatre
displaying art

Flowering and flowing
Now and always
embracing us with love

Timeless blossoms
Now and forever

Janni Lloyd

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Aldous Huxley and the Mind/Body connection

This is an interesting article – “I wish to raise my hand. Well, I raise it. But who raises it? Who is the “I” who raises my hand? Certainly it is not exclusively the “I” who is standing here talking, the “I” who signs the checks and has a history behind him, because I do not have the faintest idea how my hand was raised. All I know is that I expressed a wish for my hand to be raised, whereupon something within myself set to work, pulled the switches of a most elaborate nervous system, and made thirty or forty muscles — some of which contract and some of which relax at the same instant — function in perfect harmony so as to produce this extremely simple gesture. And of course, when we ask ourselves, how does my heart beat? how do we breathe? how do I digest my food? — we do not have the faintest idea…

We as personalities — as what we like to think of ourselves as being — are in fact only a very small part of an immense manifestation of activity, physical and mental, of which we are simply not aware. We have some control over this inasmuch as some actions being voluntary we can say, I want this to happen, and somebody else does the work for us. But meanwhile, many actions go on without our having the slightest consciousness of them, and … these vegetative actions can be grossly interfered with by our undesirable thoughts, our fears, our greeds, our angers, and so on…

The question then arises, How are we related to this? Why is it that we think of ourselves as only this minute part of a totality far larger than we are — a totality which according to many philosophers may actually be coextensive with the total activity of the universe?… ”

Aldous Huxley

Aldous Huxley on How We Become Who We Are, How to Get Out of Your Own Way, and the Necessity of Mind-Body Education

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Physical Immortality Philosophy

Many have asked me ‘Why would you want to live for hundreds of years and choose to bypass death?
I have answered that I love life, I love the earth and want to explore every part of it, I love people with all their interesting differences and sometimes funny quirks, I love and honour the wisdom and magnificence of my physical body and I love seeing and learning and experiencing new things. I’m aware of the divine matrix and other dimensions of reality however I’m quite happy to be here on this earth in this body NOW and feel after I’ve been here for several hundred years if it unfolds the way I am hoping, after that time I may choose to teleport to some of those other dimensions – once I’ve learnt that skill or we have created a machine to facilitate that. I love creating new things, meeting new people, feeling my emotions – sometimes joy and sometimes sadness . This earth is a beautiful playground that I sooo love.
James A Sinclair in his directors comment from the movie ‘What if?’ had this to say ‘ I think physical immortality is such an interesting topic because it really puts us back into the NOW. You know, if we are waiting for death and we think something is going to be better, then we spend most of our life preparing to die and getting to a place ,heaven or whatever. But what if heaven is within us and it’s a state of consciousness and when we realise that, perhaps our bodies will pick up on that realisation which they will and perhaps we have the choice to stay in the body as long as we want, we can live for thousands of years.
And if you are living in joy and in peace and in abundance and life is unfolding in a new and interesting way every day, why would anyone want to die?’

The earth is a divine playground – the new game is unfolding…
Sonia and I have an interesting discussion…it gets underway about the 7 min mark 🙂

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Chapter Two of ‘The Fun Way of Physical Immortality Philosophy’ Dr Janni Lloyd

“Love is a many splendored thing”
“Love lifts us up where we belong”
“All you need is love”
Said Ewan McGregor‘s character in Moulin Rouge.

Romantic love is a part of the love energy, however an expansion to embrace unconditional love is required for Physical Immortality philosophy. Unconditional love is a powerful energy vibration that nurtures and heals.
What do I mean by unconditional? It means loving without conditions and beyond judgements. It means loving yourself NOW – not when you lose a few kilos,win the football match or stop having those angry outbursts. It means loving other people through the ache in your heart – not when the ache is gone. Of course, the paradox is that if you love through the ache, the ache dissolves.
I remember one night on my journey when I was lying in bed awaiting sleep. I had a realization of a co-dependant behaviour pattern between a close friend and myself that uncovered a deep hurt in my heart. My initial impulse was to move into defense and close my heart. I decided instead to start praying and calling on unconditional love. I actually got out of bed, went to another room and prayed deeply for about an hour. I was able to return to bed feeling peaceful, knowing that my friend and I had both been doing the best we knew how to do at the time. My heart stayed open – unconditional love created a miracle – I was able to love through the hurt thereby dissolving it.
Unconditional love is loving your beingness and the beingness of others. Your being is beyond words – it is a beautiful, god-like essence. When you realize this, unconditional love floods every cell of your body. You are able to see and feel beyond your personality/ego self to the jewel that lies within. You naturally see this glow in others, no matter how they try to cover it up. You KNOW who they really are. You feel your connection to everyone and everything. You see and feel their Christ-like magnificence and wonder at the role they have chosen to play in this earthly movie. Many are still unconscious of the fact that they are playing a role. When they awaken they realize that the role of co-scriptwriter with their spiritual self is also available. What sort of script do we want to act out on earth? Has the physical death script been around long enough?
It takes courage to face pain and suffering and love unconditionally – to choose the script of life. Courage is always strengthened by asking for help from the Divine, the Universe, God, the All That Is, whatever your name for it is. The Universe loves life and wants you to love it as well!
The more we choose to love unconditionally and listen to our heart, the easier and more joyful life becomes. We have become very used to pain and struggle – I‘d say most people are addicted to it. Start affirming everyday ‘Life is Easy, Joyful and Fun.‘ When you are tempted to think or say ‘This is hard‘, change it to ‘This is easy‘. Our subconscious is like a computer that needs a new program. You are the computer programmer – start programming for ease, joy and fun. It takes a little while but with persistence, success is achieved. Also, remember with Physical Immortality philosophy, you have an eternity… Patience with yourself and others is also very important when you are learning a new way. It was and still occasionally is, one of my major learning experiences! The “Bull at a gate‘ was nothing compared to me. The Bull will proceed when it knows how to open the gate – not when it thinks it knows how.
“The lilies of the field, they toil not neither do they spin ….‘ – they are showered with love and abundance for their beingness. The gift of themselves is given to the world. You are loved for your beingness – relax into that for a while. The pressure to ‘do‘ in order to be loved, pronounced worthy, to survive, is all released. Your ‘doingness‘ becomes an integrated extension of your beingness. What you love to be you love to do – this is your gift to the world.
An interesting quirk I have discovered is that humanity has generally found it easier to love people in their disempowerment than to love them in their empowerment. Make a conscious effort to vigorously support others in following their heart, support them being in joy and abundance as much as possible. By so doing, we find ourselves supporting ourselves and being supported by others in our own empowerment. We are all connected – we are all ONE.
Love now wants to introduce Gratitude. Gratitude has asked the storyteller to first tell us about her/his beauty.
‘Once upon a time there was a garden gnome who was very unhappy and lonely. He was cold and stone like. He felt that nobody loved him and he saw only ugliness all around him.
One day a very wise rabbit visited the garden.The rabbit had seen much of life and suggested to the gnome that he start being grateful for everything in his life. This was something gnome had never done so he decided to give it a go. Each day he poured out gratitude for the flowers, for the trees, the birds and the bees. He followed the rabbit‘s advice exactly and was even grateful for the things that used to annoy him. The more he saw to be grateful for, the more gratitude he felt.
A miracle began to happen in the garden. The flowers grew more abundantly, their colours became more vivid, the birds chirped more tunefully and people began to visit the garden.
One spring morning a beautiful fairy visited the garden. She said to the gnome “Little gnome, your gratefulness has made this garden a vision of splendour for all who visit it. What a gift you have given the world. What gift would you like in return?‘
‘I have been blessed. I would like to be a gardener to bring beauty to other gardens through gratitude.‘
The fairy waved her magick wand and the gnome became a gardener. The gratitude gardener brought great joy and beauty to people wherever he went, he found a female love gardener to share with and they all lived happily forever after.‘

We can all become gratitude gardeners in our own lives. Gratitude is an energy that goes out from your heart and returns to you exponentially increased. The spiritual light and understanding within you is increased enormously.
Gratitude brings you into the NOW moment. It allows you to see the glass half full, not half empty. What we focus on expands – if you focus on what you feel you don‘t have that‘s what expands, creating an even greater feeling of lack, scarcity and dissatisfaction. The key to feeling abundant and joyful is to focus on what you do have NOW. Being thankful creates that focus, facilitates contentment and also allows more to come. When someone is thankful and appreciative for something you have done, it is easy for you to want to give more. The Universe is the same. The more grateful you are, the more the Universe wants to shower you with gifts.

Gratitude also allows you to release the ‘disease of more.‘ Many people are addicted to getting more things, achievements and so on, feeling that they are ‘not enough‘ in the now moment. Gratitude allows you to relax into the feeling of ‘I have enough‘, ‘I am enough‘, ‘I am lovablenow‘. The paradox once again being the more you relax into this feeling the more choices become available – the fairy with the magick wand appears!
Using gratitude requires focus and playful perseverance. I highly recommend that you start a gratitude journal. Before you go to sleep each night write down some things you have been grateful for during the day. The start may be as simple as the air you breathe and the food you eat. But as you progress the list will get longer and longer. Also start verbalising your thanks more regularly to others and yourself. ‘Thanks, me for taking the time to smell that flower‘, ‘Thank you flower for your beautiful fragrance‘.

If you are ever short of things to be grateful for, just think of that apple you ate yesterday. Be grateful for the people at the fruit and vegetable shop who made it available to you, the people who delivered it to the shop, the people who created the truck in which it was delivered, the people who picked the apple, the farmer who planted the apple tree, nurtured it, and the divine who created the seed. And that‘s just one apple!
Now we are going to move on to the advanced training in gratitude. Your gratitude muscles are becoming well developed and strong – they are ready for the advanced training. Gratitude is bursting forth from every cell of your body, particularly your heart.
OK. What‘s this advanced training – I‘m ready for anything.
Are you ready to be grateful for your enemy, the person you hate, that person who annoys and frustrates you every day?
Huh? Why would I be grateful to them?
Because they are your teachers. They will show you which aspects of yourself still need healing and integrating
For those situations I use a technique which I have named the ‗Gratitude Bubble‘. The steps are –
1) Spend a couple of minutes being grateful from the heart for your blessings.
2) Visualise the situation or person that is challenging you, bring it/them into your heart if possible.
3) Say or think ‗thank you for this situation/person, I now choose to change my perception, dissolve the old and integrate the gift.‘
When you first begin the gratitude bubble exercise, a willingness to be grateful is enough. True heartfelt gratitude may take a while to come through. The more you use the gratitude bubble, the more the understanding will come and you will start to feel true gratitude. The situation will resolve when an alternative perception is revealed.
Forgiveness is a stepping stone to gratitude. When we learn that every event in our lives is giving us valuable lessons and insights, we realize there is nothing to forgive. We take responsibility for drawing certain events and people to ourselves. We, also, eventually realize that we can learn through JOY and no longer need to learn through pain and suffering.
My friend Janice, demonstrated a clear cut example of how the gratitude bubble works. She had been experiencing difficulty with a co-worker for some time. This woman had been antagonistic toward Janice and would undermine her whenever possible. Janice explored the option of another job but nothing appeared. Janice also realized that if she ran away from the situation it would just manifest again with different people acting the same role. So she began using the gratitude bubble. It took some time and perseverance but eventually the woman‘s behaviour became more benign. Then, after another short period of time, the woman left. Janice realized that the woman had mirrored Janice‘s unresolved issues with her feminine side. She was able to integrate and evolve this part of herself. Future female co-workers were more pleasant – the inner world was reflected in the outer world.
There are countless other examples where gratitude has created virtual miracles in people‘s lives.
In close personal relationships, the significant other is often mirroring the parts of our own psyche/emotions which need integration. However they also mirror the parts that are beautiful as well. Gratitude allows us to switch our focus to the beauty and strengthens our connection allowing us to move forward.
Praise joins Love and Gratitude in the song from this magnificent trio. Praise the Divine In All Things. Praise the Christ energy in everyone. Praise burns away judgement – how can one judge anything as good and bad when it is all Divine. Meditate on this for a moment. All duality/polarity is an illusion, it‘s a game we’ve been playing.
Robert Coon in his book ―The Science of Everlasting Life‖ says – ‘Praise is a fiery energy that purifies. Cultivate an enthusiastic spiritual fire within and bathe and anoint all creation with this cleansing flame. Praise glorifies the Creation and reveals the immortal presence of the Creator‘.
The song of Praise, Love and Gratitude has been referred to as the ‘Lost Chord of Creation‘. In his book ‘The Rainbow Serpent and the Holy Grail‘ Robert writes – “The lost chord of creation is a concept like the Holy Grail. If we could find this lost chord, and then sound it, earthly perfection would be the result. This lost chord contains three notes. Each note is sounding from a global earth chakra. Each note is associated with a particular spiritual quality. The note of love resonates from the cardinal heart chakra in Glastonbury (Southern England), the note of praise sings from the crown chakra at Mt Kailas (Himalayas, Tibet) and the third note of gratitude expands from Uluru and Kata Tjuta (Central Australia), the cardinal solar plexus chakra. Hear the chord formed by these three notes within every atom of your being”.

Praise, Love and Gratitude move us from the spiritual law of Karma to the spiritual law of GRACE. The Law of Karma – ‘As ye sow so shall ye reap,‘ ‘An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth‘. This law of cause and effect has created much hatred, resentment and retribution which has led to pain, suffering and death.
Remember, conscious of it or not, we are cosmic scriptwriters. With the law of Karma, the scripts humanity has acted out have been war, murder, horror, soap-operas and emotional dramas of the highest order.
When we use Praise, Love and Gratitude to move into the law of Grace, our script writing moves into the area of romantic comedy, enchantment movies, travel adventures, musicals and much, much more. Always affirming Life with all its diversity.

In his book, ― The Voyage to Avalon‖ , Robert Coon has this to say about the Law of Grace – “As you explore the subterranean recesses of the heart, let the lamp of joyous gratitude light thy way …. Often you experience the same karmic event time after time until you react with gratitude – only then do you make the evolutionary jump to new dimensions of life. The law of Grace is far more powerful than the law of Karma…‘.
These three qualities are very effective. I have seen them work on a regular basis in my own life and in the lives of those around me. Given time, I feel that the energetic vibration of these qualities leads to Physical Immortality.’The Lost Chord of Creation‘ has been rediscovered.

THE FUN WAY OF PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY PHILOSOPHY’ Dr Janni Lloyd – book and eBook are available through

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Healthy Longevity / Physical Immortality Philosophy tips

Some Healthy Longevity / Physical Immortality Philosophy tips –

Be Willing to embrace the NOW moment.

Love and be grateful for your body frequently – respect its wisdom.

Practice disengagement from the mass hypnosis of ‘ageing’ – are you 6002 or 10,004?

Practice Praise, Love and Gratitude in ALL situations – it allows you to really appreciate life and assists in changing your perception if appreciation is absent.

Create Synergy between your Yin/Yang

Love the earth – the creator and creation are ONE

BE the journey – if you find yourself in the same physical body 200 years from now, you may feel that you’re starting to understand the ‘new game’…

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‘The Immortality Quest’ with Janni Lloyd on the Mason Taylor Show

Enjoy the discussion that Mason Taylor and I shared recently……we did 🙂

“Exploring the exciting realms of life extension and immortality, Janni Lloyd joins me on this episode to bring a new and refreshing mind set to the human potential. The views and opinions on whether humans can extend their lives are vast, but we enter into a whole new paradigm shifting place when we begin to discuss openly whether humans have the capacity to extend this indefinitely. It is a fun topic and we delve deep in this interview….”
Mason Taylor

Healthy Longevity Philosophy – Through the finite barrier.
“It is such an interesting time for humanity. For the first time hundreds of thousands of people are seeing beyond the finite barrier created by the belief ‘physical death is inevitable’…..breaking through into future possibilities that are without limit. People with many different worldviews – scientific, holistic, spiritual, multi – dimensional and those who simply love life – are coming together to own the right to live indefinitely in full health. They are creating a new philosophy as they go ….one of peace, love, cooperation, joy, inclusiveness and gratitude for the gift of Life on this glorious planet. Earth and all its inhabitants are honoured and respected as family and home.
These people see themselves as citizens of Earth and the Universe. They envision hundreds of years spent in many different countries of the world….and perhaps a few hundred in other parts of this vast Universe. Travel on Earth and travel in space are often of interest. When there are no boundaries or limits on health, life span and dreams, infinity becomes the place to inhabit in every Now moment.
Many have a deep sense of purpose and like the idea of honing their craft and taking it to new creative spaces. They also entertain the possibility of multiple careers – some having already played many roles in society. Learning new things is a joy to them.
They see equality and abundance in all ways for all people of the Earth – a sharing around the world of all the innovations of this creative evolution.
Celebrating Life as we have never known it before….. the Party has indeed begun…”

Healthy Longevity Philosophy – Through the finite barrier available at


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