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A Secret of the Fountain of LIFE by Dr Janni Lloyd

“It is the child that sees the primordial secret of Nature and it is the child of ourselves we return to, the child within us is simple and daring enough to live the Secret.”
Lao Tzu


Here are some ideas to assist – The first step is your willingness to hear from your inner child, give her/him permission to be part of your life. In meditation ask her to speak. A useful technique is to ask questions of your inner child with your dominant writing hand and write the answers with your non – dominant hand. This was a technique Louise Hay mentioned in one of her books.When I opened more dialogue with my inner child , this worked well. I remember that one of the things my inner child requested by this method was ‘ to run through a field with the wind in my hair’ – made me cry when that surfaced. I did it a few weeks later on a visit to the country and I’ve done it quite a few times since. Quite Magickal !

Next tip – sing! Doesn’t matter what you sound like! The inner child never judges. Maybe some nursery rhymes. And the child loves repetition. Have fun with it too and deliberately sing out of tune and big deep voices and little squeaky ones – the more imperfect the better – the child within just loves it that way – be prepared to be laughing If we haven’t sung for a long, long time our throat chakra may be a little shut down – so it may not be ready for the playfulness described here. A good way to get it going gently is to tone the vowel sounds – holding one note aaaa……. then eeeee ……..then iiiiiii…… or doh……..ray……. me……. and so on . And the minute you feel you can have a little fun with it – go for it. Remember there is absolutely no judgement.

Practice seeing the miracle in the ‘little things’. The child is in ‘awe’ of life and sees the wonder within all.

Sometimes when out walking I like to skip When I first started to skip again, I’d make sure no one was around. Isn’t it interesting how the ‘should and shouldn’t’ programs impact on us. Anyway, now I quite often skip when people are around 🙂

Any childlike activity is very liberating – making mud pies, swinging on park swings – whatever YOUR inner child likes!

The inner child just loves Mary Poppins ! Laughter causing levitation causing tea parties on the ceiling – I do declare that I really do love to laugh!! hehehehe And while we’re with Mary Poppins – a wonderful idea that our inner child endorses –

‘In every job that will be done , there is an element of FUN , you find the fun and Snap the job’s a GAME…..’

The inner child KNOWS the earth is a playground – do you remember?


Available at as a book and an eBook
In the ‘FUN WAY’, fun emanates from a deep loving space within the heart and spirit. It is an educational and playful celebration of the ‘party of ongoing, healthy life’!
Some Testimonials –
Shareall at said -’ Your Fantastic Ebook! …Your words are divine nectar. I have been sharing the same for years and years. To read it put so eloquently by you, is beyond wonderful.’
Peter William Fremlin said – ‘A beautiful blend of science and spirituality. It was well written and obviously the fruition of passion, perseverance and an eagerness to shed even more light on, “the divine life intelligence within.” Simply,a joy to read.’



  1. That’s pretty cool. I like that. :~}

  2. I enjoy your thoughts and reasoning ❤

  3. I also communicate with my past-self, in relation to my critical unaware parents, which created some of my rebellous, and sabotaging, adaptive child responses.. This rebellous nature can be very present when choosing to move forward, or heal (change) transform ourself with a dis-ease, or situation, condition, or any circumstances we chose to move forward from. And this includes aging, etc…

    I am also a clinical hypnotherapist, past-life regressionist, and board certified NLP with Tony Robbins. Looking forward to the 4-day Fire-walk Seminar coming up at the Convention Center in Los Angeles, Ca. with Tony,

    From my own personal experiences, and with some of my clients.. the most dominate emotions always project.. and if I am not getting results I desire, then I choose to communicate with my inner child, and critical parent and listen to what they have to say, rather than over-ride them.. this often creates more unwanted responses sabotaging my true desires.. Below is an article I sent in to a group, which currently I’m a member with.. (this was in response to a message posted by Seth, channeled by Jane Roberts)

    By changing this past in your mind, in your present, you can change not only its nature but its effect and not only upon yourself but upon others. Seth

    I instead believe…. not trying to just change it, but first to take responsibility for what was created usually unconsciously.. and then listen to what this part of me has to say.. and then in agreement, choose a different reality that feels good, and more appropriate….

    My grandmother was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer at age 60, and given 3- months to live. She was also a Church of Religious Science Minister aka Science of Mind, and I lived with her from ages 1 thru 11. So I grew up with a very metaphysical backround, and she and I would attend many speakers in the New Age arena..
    My grandmother treated herself with her beliefs, and healed (transformed) her condition in 3 months.. I have her diary, and all her notes with her process… I’ll publish this in the near future, with a book I am currently writing on Healing. My grandmother lived 30 more years, and was completely disease free. She transitioned while living with me in her sleep, and told me that night before she was ready to move on….

    (this below was channeled by me)

    My grandmother just acknowledged she created her Pancreatic cancer, and lovingly communicated with her inner being, her past child-emotion/higher-self, and felt love.. and realized in her inner communication, she had acted out of anger/rage (cause of cancer for her) and she embraced her inner emotional child, that felt resentment, rage, out of control anger (cancer cells= out of control angry cells) and as she came to terms with her-Self, she felt love for herself, and released from a place of love all the negative contrasting feelings connected with her manifestation as the creator unconsciously, and now consciously aware.. embraced her situation.. and then moved THRU what was, and transformed this condition into a loving situation… and in that awareness, she knew she was healed (changed).. and there was no force, or rejecting, or recreating the past that it was created from. She saw the illusion of what was, and simply embraced this awareness knowing she is loved completely, and in an aligned Oneness with all that is…

    My grandmother just explained to me… there was no rejection or denial of what was, but instead a higher vision, and a feeling of understanding and love for her past self…and this is what transformed her physical form… and she didn’t have to change anything.. her conscious awareness of what she realized, and now accepted as truth, automatically transformed/updated her reality. (just like when we have our computer set to automatic updates)

    Many healings are not lasting, because the true cause was never dealt with…

    We are unlimited conscious creators, and to know this intellectually is a start, but living from this knowing is empowering..
    We all change thru acceptance and ownership for what we created.. not by denying what was, and trying to change our outer effect, or create a different manifestation by our willpower, thinking we are connected to Source.

    Once the true cause is realized, the condition disappears automatically… and there is no need to do anything else….

    And I do not agree that we just ignore our past contrasting conditions, situations, and circumstances and shift into a better state.. I first believe in communicating with this old part of me in a loving way.. just like I would do with my outer child, my son, or daughter… and listen to them.. and offer a loving response aligned with my Higher Self… just ignoring or not acknowledging is not being supportive, nor taking responsibility.. and this old part of us does have a story or something to convey.. but if we are not up to listening we will not get this emotionally charged message. Ignoring it, or pretending it doesn’t exist is not connecting with this part of us wanting to be heard.. Once this part is heard, and feels love and understanding from us.. then this part will be more in alignment, and in agreement with us.. because it is also a very real part of us.. denying its existance is only creating a rebellious response from it.. and this is often what our parents did to us while growing up…. and how we learned this trait…

    Ignoring is not the way to freedom.. its acknowledging with Love, being Source-connected, and listening, and appreciating this emotional child part of us.. rebelling only, because its wanting to be heard.. and get our attention….

    How we treat our outer children.. is a reflection of how we treat our own inner child…and vice-versa.. how I treat my inner child, is also how I treat my outer children..

    When communicating with my inner child of the past.. I acknowledge I Love him/her.. and I am not going to push him/her away, or ignore him/her anymore… and I will listen to what is conveyed.. and I do Love You.. and this will have a definite, and significant loving effect with our inner relationship hereafter..

    And this emotional inner child part can sabotage our connection with our Higher Self.. since this part of us.. actually only wants to be accepted, loved, and be heard.

    And when we reject, or ignore its presence, it will sabotage our desired thoughts, and feelings, and cause contrasting experiences, such as dis-eases, accidents, losses of all kinds, lacks, fears, doubts, guilts, and a variety of related conditions, circumstances, and situations into our lives.

    We need to ask ourselves, why are we disassociating a very real part of us, and ignoring it.. and over-riding it like a detached thing. When we realize the only way out is with Love, forgiveness, compassion, and being conscious, and open, loving, aligned, accepting, and responsible. And being aware of everything we ever were in the past, or now, or ever to be created.. all aligns with LOVE, not denial.

    I can see how metaphysics can be so mis-interpreted when applying denial.. instead of embracing the past, and loving this part of us… and being friends with all the parts of us.. otherwise we have (like in our physical world) a war within ourselves…

    Love is the only path out of the illusion.. and the only way to freedom… and we all experience who, or what we agree with….

    And I believe, we only age, because we agree to the conditioning passed down from authority figures who are unaware, whether our families, peers, newsmedia, doctors, tv, whatever outside of us Sources.. as we listen within ourself.. we start to awaken, and perceive with more clarity, a higher perspective of our true divine nature….
    Peace and Love, Creighton

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