Posted by: physicalimmortalitythemasspossibility | March 27, 2010


That vital glow
of cells vibrating
to a symphony
born before creation

Each organ has
its tune to play
in this melody of life

The conductor
of this lively show
is love
just love
how simple
yet we didn’t know

Janni Lloyd                                                          


Physically immortal words of mine
that leap from my breast to thine

To create a bridge for all of time
for all to realise there is no time

To laugh and skip and play all day
the choice is ours, what’s your play

Sadness and tears can have their day
But the martyr trip is just one way

We live and die in a single day
Eternal joy becomes our play

Janni Lloyd

To be
is to live
each present moment
and revel

The past
is not meant to last
Let it go
Let it pass

The future
like your next breath
Lovingly knowing
all your needs will be met

Remember, Human Being
Love and Joy
and be

Janni Lloyd

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