Posted by: physicalimmortalitythemasspossibility | March 28, 2010

Heart of Hearts on Physical Immortality – a New Common Sense

My friend Theresa Lalonde has given me permission to post a wonderful comment of hers on my blog.
Is the mass consciousness creating a NEW ‘common sense’??

Wisdom from Theresa  –

I always like to say “in my opinion” because I don’t
want to be authoritarian, but in my heart of hearts I know that there
is NO WAY to get to Physical Immortality. We already are that. What
we are calling for is the removal of the blocks and beliefs that speak of
death. It’s kind of like walking around on your first days on earth
and people are telling you “You are alive”. And you keep
asking…What data do you have to support that? You just know that
you are alive, don’t you? We have a choice here to live or die and
our body will cooperate with our programming/wishes. If you give it
the “live” messages it obediently carries out those wishes, and if
you program it to die, it will surely do so. What most of us are
about in this movement is squashing that “lie” that we picked up as a
human race that says we have to die. We don’t.

Think of how we walk around. We are attached to no cords, wires,
strings, no off/on buttons. We walk around independent of anything
seen. What is the ghost in the machine called the human body making
it tick? I don’t know how it is that we can walk around unattached
to a visible power source, but I do know that we do. However, if
enough people could be convinced that they cannot walk upright, it
wouldn’t be long before our independent walk on this planet is just
faint memory, and maybe even laughable to someone who never
experienced it. To some people, the facts of “life” are just an
obvious conclusion. To some people, physical immortality just is
good common sense, as our reasoning has been turned right side up. 🙂



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