Posted by: physicalimmortalitythemasspossibility | March 29, 2010

Physical Immortality – a Love of Life

 I LOVE this piece that Robert Coon wrote as an introduction to his booklet ‘Immortality – 23 questions and answers’.
‘Our basic beliefs have a profound effect upon the structures of society. What is the meaning and purpose of life? If physical immortality is accepted as a valid possibility for individuals, then basic beliefs and cultural structures will undergo major positive changes. Throughout the world, the choice of everlasting life exists. To accept that this choice exists greatly expands perspectives on many things. Above all else, this is an issue of greater liberty and freedom. An incredible number of new possibilities open up when you decide to operate as an immortal. Try to think of things you would really like to do, but feel unable to, or are hesitant to attempt,because of the limitations created by a belief in mortality. Adopting the immortal point of view overcomes these limitations, and energises you with a new, liberated force which allows you to do all those things that are patiently waiting to be done. Freedom from the restrictions of physical death greatly expands every horizon. It is only in the liberty of physical immortality that one can dare to begin to dream one’s highest dreams. Immortals are people who deeply love life. They are in society, and are normal individuals. Immortals have some friends who are mortal, and some who are immortal. Immortals absolutely respect the right of anyone to not choose eternal life. And if they have decided to take the immortal direction in their lives, then they expect this choice will be absolutely respected by the culture in which they live, and all individuals who are part of that culture. A simple and fundamental difference between deathist philosophy and immortalists. Immortal consciousness contains and constructively deals with the fact of death. Deathist thought excludes physical immortality and does not admit to its here and now existence. Immortals do not regard themselves as being, in any way, superior to mortals. The expansive, inclusive nature of physical immortality precludes such things. There are no separations,divisions, or heirarchies present in the immortal point of view. We are all in life together here on earth. All of us, regardless of the length of our life span ,have useful and creative contributions to make to the quality of the cultures in which we reside, and to the quality and direction of the greater planetary civilization as it develops over the coming decades and centuries. There is an immortal momentum in history and evolution which is growing in strength .We can contribute to the construction of a global immortalist civilization more readily if we acknowledge the presence of this momentum, and then harmonize our own efforts with it. Physical Immortality has featured in imaginative literature for many centuries. It is often found as a motif in science fiction. Some visions of immortality are restrictive and negative. Others are positive and inspirational. It is important to remember that real everlasting life is always an advance into greater liberty and conscious control over the choices in ones life. Physical immortality is the perfection of liberty. It is a pathway which progressively overcomes all restrictions. It is a pathway which leads to superabundanies of health,joy and creativity. Would you like to totally create your own future? Would you like to have youth, health and physical agility forever? Would you like your experiences of peace, beauty, love and creativity to deepen and grow more wonderful over the coming centuries? Would you like to have the time to do everything that you would truly like to do? Would you like to see the sun rise and hear the birds sing a thousand years from now? If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then consider physical immortality. It might be the right choice for you. Where is the proof of everlasting life? It is not in demonstrations by others. We each have to find or own way in life and discover and prove the eternal laws for ourselves. Discover your true will for physical immortality and then do your best to interpret all the experiences of your life from this eternal point of view. You don’t need to attend classes or find a human teacher. If you vow to live the immortal life then the universe will be your teacher. Discover the immortal laws and then practice them in your daily life, at every instant. If you do this then the proof of everlasting life will come to you.’ ROBERT COON 2001 Robert’s books are available through


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