Posted by: physicalimmortalitythemasspossibility | March 31, 2010

Physical Immortality Philosophy

Physical immortality philosophy is both a playfully serious and a
seriously playful business.  It  resonates  with  contrasts.
The contrasts begin to vibrate together harmoniously.
To  understand  this  one  realises  that  inherent  in  life  is  death. 
One  cannot  have  creation  without  also  having  discreation/destruction. 
The old  is  modified  by  the  new. 
Physical  Immortal  wisdom  allows  one  to   embrace  the  beginning,  the  ending 
and  everything  in between.  

Embracing  the  flow  of  life…..
realising  that  we  are  constantly  re -identifying  ourselves,  changing. 
If we resist  change,  our  body  becomes  sluggish, inflexible…..
creates  pain  and  disease. 
My feeling  is that it’s  our  inability  to  embrace  death  in  the  form  of  change 
that  ultimately   causes  the  body  to   so   shutdown  that  the ” big  death ” 
becomes  the only  way  left  for  freedom  of the  spirit. 

Once  we  realize  that  the  “big  death’  is  not  inevitable  –
that  it  is  indeed  a  choice –  then  embracing  the  “little
deaths”  allows   life  to  flow  more  easily  and  the  health  of
our  body  is  maintained. 
The  love  affair  between  body  and spirit  begins….. 
Physical  immortality philosophy is  a  NOW concept.  Live
it  now.  Relax  into  eternity …flow with LIFE…

This  earth  is  a  playground  – what  game  do  you  choose  to  play?



”The Fun Way of Physical Immortality Philosophy’ Dr Janni Lloyd avaiable at



  1. I love that way of looking at death, the small deaths and embracing them. Just this morning I was praying for a deeper understanding of the beginning and endings in life and if all must die how can we live forever, but this makes perfect sense! Here’s to life!

    • Hi Theresa! Yes, I feel we are simply moving from the ‘horse and cart’ reinvention of self to the ‘automobile’. As the physical is a stream of consciousness, then flowing with life makes for am easier ride!

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