Posted by: physicalimmortalitythemasspossibility | April 1, 2010

Embrace your whole self

I just ‘flipped’ open the book ‘Why die?’by Herb Bowie and read this really cool paragraph in the chapter ‘Fifteen minimum requirements(for physical immortality)’-
‘Accept your whole self ‘
Humanity has traditionally split its identity into shattered splinters of its whole self. We have created a division between our spiritual selves and our physical selves, between mind and body, between emotions and reason, between male and female, god and devil.
The truth is that each one of us is an organic whole that is bigger and more integrated, than any of these fragmented perceptions. Your spiritual self is not separate from your physical body – it is a manifestation of it. Your mind is not a grayish organ that is confined to your cranium – your body is mind all over. Your emotions are not some aberrant impulses that need to be controlled by your reason – your feelings and thoughts are inseparable. Your sensual feelings, your personality and your attitudes are not rigidly governed by your sexual equipment – you are a whole that includes male and female, no matter how you are equipped. And there is no part of you that is more divine than any other.
We need all ourselves to live forever. So long as you deny or suppress any part of your liveness, then you are forcing yourself to function as a cripple, without the benefit of all your limbs and organs. So long as you continue to see any part of yourself as inferior, any component as worthy of anything less than eternity, then you are casting a death sentence on your entire organism.’


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