Posted by: physicalimmortalitythemasspossibility | April 12, 2010

Maintaining continuous flow……….

I have written a paper ‘ Healthy Life Extension / Physical Immortality – the mass possibility’ which looks into this topic from the medical science , quantum physics, alternative medical and spiritual perspectives. This paper is freely available at

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I like the following quote from Deepak Chopra’s book – ‘Reinventing the body , Resurrecting the soul’ –

‘The same holds true for how billions of cells manage to be coordinated in your body. There is no master clock ticking away anywhere in your brain – we know this because the brain manages hundreds of different rhythms meshed together. The brain tunes into a place that’s on the very edge of the timeless. By being anchored there, where atoms first begin to vibrate, setting  the timing of the entire universe, your brain has found the only place from which time can be managed. Strange as this concept may seem to the rational mind, which depends on clock time to get through the day, the timeless is a familiar place to your cells. They function as if they were immortal, simply because they make use of the timeless every second. The challenge for us is to adopt functional immortality as our basic way of life. To do that we must reawaken the connection between time and the timeless, which is known as the soul.

Once you can accept that time has never been your enemy, then escaping the ravages of time becomes possible…………………………   your body lives in the moment, and each moment merges into another in a continuous flow……………   when flow breaksdowns, the following  happens; energy is wasted, communication within the body is cut off, gaps appear in the body’s intelligence. These are invisible events , but they are real. Once you learn to restore the flow however, your body is fully capable of repairing the damage that has built up. It will naturally return to a state of dynamic balance. At that point the whole ageing process comes to an end. ‘



  1. You know it! Especially glad you see the way to core messages in popular arts and culture.

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