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Vision of a Healthy Life Extension / Physically Immortal World/Earth by Dr Janni Lloyd

 I would like you to take a few minutes to visualise or imagine for yourself what it would be like to be Physically Immortal. Close your eyes and see yourself vibrantly healthy and Physically Immortal. At least 60% of the people in your community are also Physically Immortal. What does it feel like? What changes do you sense within the community?

When we do this exercise in my seminars, people report feeling a deep peace and joy. They are free from fear and tension, they can relax completely. The peace envisioned is not dull, boring peace but dynamic peace – full of excitement, creativity and fun! What I see for the individual is a move away from struggle into flow and ease. Connecting fully with their own truth, direction and creativity. Allowing themselves to be fully in their joy and  supporting others to do the same. Loving themselves and others unconditionally – ongoing health requires all of this to occur.

What do I envision for the community? More time to play – be creative, play sport, sing, dance, be entertained. This trend has already begun in Western Countries over the last 40 years. Ben Bova makes this comment – “Will an ageing – but still vigourous – population create demands for new jobs? In states where large numbers of retirees live today, the entertainment, travel and sports industries are booming. Florida and Arizona, for example, boast more golf courses than hospitals. An ageing population does not automatically mean an economic slowdown. Instead it means a different mix of business opportunities. And jobs”.

Can you imagine the money that could be redirected if people stop getting sick and incapacitated. To give you an idea here’s Ben Bova again with some figures from America – “The Alliance For Ageing Research has estimated that if people over 65 could remain healthy and active the nation would save some 5 Billion Dollars per month in government and private spending for health care for the elderly”.

Moving into a space of loving ourselves and others unconditionally will mean less money spent on defence weapons. When I was marching for peace in the early 1980’s, it was estimated that the amount of money being spent on nuclear arms was 1 million dollars per minute. This money could be redirected to help educate and feed people in developing countries, the world would be transformed.

Herb Bowie in his book “Why Die – A Beginner’s Guide to Living Forever” commences his book with his vision for “Immortality in the 21st Century” – here’s some passages – “2021 – Population Growth Stabilises – People who had been worried about over population by now realised that their fears had been misplaced. Although birth rates remained high in the diminishing number of relatively poor countries, they continued to decline in the richer countries and especially among the lifers. These declining birth rates more than made up for the decrease in death rates. It was not that these longer lived people lost any interest in children – on the contrary, they seemed to enjoy them more than ever. At the same time, the Immortality groups offered a new social structure that allowed fewer children to be enjoyed by more people and allowed them to be shared across traditional family boundaries …. The declining birth rates also seemed to be caused by other more subtle factors … Also, as people’s lives lengthened, and the prospect of living even longer became more real, they seemed less driven to achieve Immortality through their offspring. Finally, the adult lifers were more child like themselves, and seemed to rely less on the presence of children for that quality of joy so often associated with childhood … 2027: Work Lives Change Dramatically – Widespread changes had taken place in people’s working lives. Fears of a huge population of retired senior citizens utterly depleting their various pensions and retirement funds had proven ironically unfounded. Research, in fact, had confirmed many people’s suspicions that retirement was inherently incompatible with radical life extension … 2048: Global Environment Improves … These technological advances were some of the factors contributing to a gradual turn around of the environmental decline that had plagued the world since the beginning of the industrial revolution. A more immediate cause though was the increased motivation of the voting population to do something about these problems. The simple truth was that asking people to save the earth for future generations had never worked very well. Now that people were concerned with saving it for themselves, they focused on the issues at hand with insistence … the United Nations in this year announced that, for the first time since they began tracking the relevant statistics, the earth’s environment had actually improved over the past year. The hard work was not over, but the world had turned the corner …… 2062: A New World Order – Scientists had firmly established that emotions of human suppression, prejudice and hostility were life threatening for the subjects as well as the object of these feelings. This realisation had gradually replaced strong feelings of racism, nationalism and separatism with an expanding acceptance of all human beings as fellow citizens of the world … it was in this year that all the countries of the world turned their national defence systems over to the control of the United Nations, to be used for peace keeping missions only …” 

Will we be building a heaven on earth with this Vision? I feel we will. Ben Bova says – “In the Sermon on the Mount, Christ exhorts the multitude, “Be ye perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect” (Matthew 5.48) Might we dare to interpret this as a command to become the best we can, not only morally but physically, mentally, emotionally? Might not Christ be telling us that we are expected to build heaven here on earth, to reach for perfection, here and now? Might not heaven be a place and a time that we build for ourselves, the way an eager, intelligent child builds a sand castle on the beach under the watchful eye of his protective father?”

Robert Coon in his book “The Science of Everlasting Life” says – “During this Millenium, heaven on earth shall be created. Death shall be abolished from the human race … The millenium is the culmination and result of all spiritual endeavours from every culture and time … how long will it take for Paradise to be established within this millennium? As soon as now – or as long as 2000 years? The rapidity with which pain, suffering and death are abolished, and universal, joyous Immortality established is directly dependant on how fast and effectively the Science and Art of Everlasting Life is communicated to all Beings!”

‘The Fun Way of Physical Immortality Philosophy’ Book and eBook

‘Dr Janni Lloyd uses a wonderful blend of psychology, spirituality, science and alternative / complimentary medicine to make this new paradigm visible. And its FUN…..
‘The Physical Immortality Philosophy script is ‘Life IS meant to be easy’. Cruising along the river of your heart’s desire, changing course with ease from one life affirming adventure to the next.
Party time! And when you think party, you think music, colour, dance, food and loving friends—the ingredients in the following chapters.
So put on your Party clothes for the celebration of your LIFE!’



  1. Envision for the community-More time to play – be creative, play sport, sing, dance, be entertained.
    fewer children to be enjoyed by more people and allowed them to be shared across traditional family boundaries (similar vision by OSHO).
    the adult lifers were more child like themselves, and seemed to rely less on the presence of children for that quality of joy so often associated with childhood.
    During this Millenium, heaven on earth shall be created. Death shall be abolished from the human race. I AM fully agree WITH YOU

  2. Great post! I have always thought that death and illness was just an idea that everyone decided to believe. But what if it’s not real?
    So the question is, how do we drop our baggage?

    • Hi Cheryl. Thanks. For ways of ‘dropping the baggage’ check out the third section of my paper ‘Healthy Life Extension / Physical Immortality – the mass possibility’ available on this blog.’ And I share many techniques that have assisted me in my ebook “The Fun Way of Physical Immortality Philosophy’
      blessings Janni

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