Posted by: physicalimmortalitythemasspossibility | July 20, 2010

Some Interviews on Healthy Life Extension / Physical Immortality Philosophy        Thanks Robin!

An excerpt –

ROBIN Can you give us a couple of examples of scientists whose work on immortality you find interesting?

JANNI Dr Bruce Lipton, cell biologist, is one of my favourites – he did much stem cell research and has written a book The Biology of Belief. He is saying that we are not the victims of our genes but the programmers of them.

Biogerontologist Dr Aubrey De Grey is very actively pursuing physical immortality from the medical science perspective. He has organised a conference in Cambridge which is starting in a few days where he has gathered together many scientists – with lecture topics such as ‘Rejuvenating the immune system’ and ‘Rejuvenating extracellular material’                  Thanks Akemi !

An excerpt –

Akemi: In your view, what does it take to achieve physical immortality?  Are there certain requirements physically (such as diet, exercise, lifestyle, etc.), mentally, emotionally, and spiritually?  Or is this about special medical procedure?

Janni: I feel there are many ‘ways’ of physical immortality, each will be as individual as our fingerprint. In my paper ‘Physical Immortality – the mass possibility’ – I share what I feel has enhanced my life force and my knowing.

There are probably some common steps – I certainly feel praise, love and gratitude are important to move to an open, unconditionally loving heart.  As always, I feel the pioneers will use a lot more techniques etc – once the path is more visible to people it will be a lot easier for those who make the choice in times to come.

I feel the medical science pathway is an important one for our awakening. Will we need medical procedures? maybe –  however with the speed of our awakening it’s unlikely.  We’re all in this together and all have valuable pieces of the divine jigsaw puzzle to share – the co – operative whole will bring in greater levels of life for all of humanity.



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