Posted by: physicalimmortalitythemasspossibility | August 15, 2010

‘THE NUMBER GAME……’ a short tale by Dr Janni Lloyd

With much curiousity the aliens moved through the moderately crowded shopping centre. They had caused the cells of their physical bodies to vibrate at a frequency beyond the visual range of the humans. They still needed to proceed forward with caution though ,so that they didn’t bump into anyone or make a noise knocking something over.

This was their first holiday on planet Earth, as the locals called it. What a magical place ! And they breathed the same air –  no atmosphere adjustment was necessary.

As they stopped to look in the shop windows they often overheard snippets of the human’s conversations .

‘I was working on my car yesterday and when I got up from underneath, I had a twinge of pain in my back. I guess I need to expect that now that I’m 55, arthritis will be settling in…….’

‘You know the women in our family have always been overweight and suffered with diabetes. Now that I’m 35, I guess I can expect the same – better start getting my blood sugar checked by the doctor. I won’t lose weight now. Maybe when I was 20, if I’d thought about my nutrition then it would have made a difference, not now though……..’

My friend Bob had a heart attack yesterday, nearly died. Now that I’m 65 all my friends will be getting unwell in some way, I expect. My own health hasn’t been that good lately……..’

‘I was out walking my dog yesterday and I started running and skipping with him. You should have seen the look on peoples faces. Just cos I’m over 40 now, it seems as though it’s not acceptable……….’

‘I love to crochet. Some of my friends tease me – they say you’re 20, only people over 40 do that………’

The aliens were puzzled – what was this ‘number game’ the humans played?

Were they aware that the life intelligence of their physical bodies heard everything they said – all their expectations ? Did they realise their health and vitality was linked to this?


‘THE FUN WAY OF PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY PHILOSOPHY’ book and eBook is available at – In the ‘FUN WAY’, fun emanates from a deep loving space within the heart and spirit. It is an educational and playful celebration of the ‘party of ongoing, healthy life’!


  1. I absoluely loved this!

  2. great short story, if only people do try to listen what they subconsciously preach/affirm to themselves more… then they can be responsible for a better body on their own

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