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Holistic Health and the potential for Physical Immortality by Dr Janni Lloyd

In “Ageless Body, Timeless Mind”, Deepak Chopra describes the quantum level – “Your body appears to be composed of solid matter that can be broken down into molecules and atoms, but quantum physics tells us that every atom is more than 99.9999% empty space, and the sub-atomic particles moving at lightening speed through this space are actually bundles of vibrating energy. These vibrations aren’t random and meaningless, however, they carry information … the essential  stuff of the Universe, including your body, is non-stuff, but it isn’t ordinary non-stuff, it’s thinking non-stuff”.

I prefer to call it intelligent energy. So the body has moved from a solid object to a fluid river of energy. With this understanding, to me the body has become similar to a flow of potter’s clay, to be moulded at will by the potter. Who’s the potter – your spiritual self, your mental self, your emotional self – perhaps all of the above?

And remember the energy is intelligent – is this intelligence your spiritual self waiting to be moulded by your mental, emotional selves or perhaps wishing to be allowed to be manifest into material reality without obstruction? You will have your own thoughts – however we have established our so called solid, material reality is very ephemeral (can you imagine 99.9999% empty space) and fluid.


The knowledge of physical matter, including your body, as intelligent energy – ephemeral and fluid – helps us to understand the abilities of spiritual adepts. Some of these adepts are reported to be able to walk through “solid” walls – as it’s actually 99.9999% empty space, maybe it’s not that difficult.

Martial arts adepts who can snap a slab of concrete as easily as a match stick – 99.9999% space.

Deepak Chopra tell s us “India, China, Japan and to a lesser extent the Christian west have given birth to sages who realised their essential nature as a flow of intelligence. By preserving that flow and nurturing it year after year, they overcame entropy from a deeper level of nature. In India, the flow of intelligence is called prana (usually translated as life force), which can be increased and decreased at will, moved here and there, and manipulated to keep the physical body orderly and young”.

More about spiritual adepts when we get to that section.

Scientists say the quantum realm is full of quirkiness and uncertainty. One such quirk is that the vibrating energy/particle exists as a probability wave and depends on being observed to find it’s space/time position – the observer is an important part of the equation – what does this mean to our every day reality?  How much power do you have to shape your reality – a quote I once read springs to mind “The Universe rearranges itself to suit your version of reality”.

At the quantum level everything is possible!

The next viewpoint that has helped me to feel the possibility of Physical Immortality is alternative medicine. This area is growing rapidly – new ways of achieving and maintaining health are being developed all the time. Many branches of alternative medicine are based on vibrational energy similar to


quantum physics. Many eastern countries and indigenous cultures knew of this reality long before western science. The ancient Rishis in India knew of sub-atomic particles many years before the birth of Christ. The chakra system from India, the acupuncture meridian system from China, colour therapy from the Egyptians and others, flower essences used by the native American and Australian aboriginal people are all examples of vibrational energy medicine. These therapies seem to be manipulating energy at a quantum level.

Breathing techniques, such as Re-birthing, are also achieving significant healing. Leonard Orr, who created Re-birthing, is an Immortalist who came to this understanding through his own healing process during the mid 1960′s. Sondra Ray, initially a student of Leonard Orr, has written a great book on Physical Immortality called “How to be Chic, Fabulous and Live Forever” – she says of Re-birthing that “Re-birthing is one of the main tools we use to purify ourselves. It is a simple breathing process that should be done only with highly trained Re-birthers who understand how the birth trauma and the death urge are related in a person’s consciousness. Breathing in a connected, smooth, rhythmic, circular way in the presence of another Immortalist makes all the difference in the world. Your cells get happy. They become alive. Tremendous energy comes in, old death programming gets pushed out. … Re-birthing, although it appears subtle is an extremely powerful and sacred process and should be done correctly. It should always be taught along with the concept of Physical Immortality …”.

Many healer’s and self help writers are working with the spirit – mind – emotions – body connection to great effect. Louise Hay in her book “You Can Heal Your Life” suggests that belief systems which are not life affirming; blocked and distorted emotional expression and lack of connection to spiritual essence cause the majority of illnesses. Her books which include life affirming statements have improved the health and lives of countless people around the world.                                                 

The health of your body connected to thoughts, words and emotions. All within your power to effect! All within your power to create Life, Life and more Life!

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  1. Here is a webpage I created several years ago which endeavors to be an ‘Elegant Explanation of Just About Everything’… or a ‘Unified Quantum Field Theory’… which stems from a UFO sighting I personally experienced back in the early 1970’s:…. and here is a Facebook Note which I’ve just written which includes that page and expounds on other aspects of our Quantum Reality.

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