Posted by: physicalimmortalitythemasspossibility | October 29, 2010

Fun and Physical Immortality Philosophy

‘Physical Immortality is the only cause you can’t die for’   Leonard Orr

‘Immortality Club – Eternally Open’   Sondra Ray

‘Be eternally late for your own funeral”  Robert Coon


Laughter is very LIFE ENHANCING.

Did you know the study of laughter is called Gelotology – sounds like some
wobbling ‘gelo’ – fairly apt really ! Laughter in itself is a very funny
thing – no wonder it’s contagious!

I read an article the other day in Eco living health Aware magazine by a
comedian, Anthony Ackroyd who said he has experienced moments of transcendence
and oneness in front of a laughing audience.
He also reported these interesting developments around the world – ‘In France,
factory workers take ‘laugh breaks’ to manage stress levels. In the US, a cancer
support group called ‘humour your tumour’ has formed. New York welcomes 12,000
people from 6 continents to a conference on ‘The positive power of humour and
creativity’. In the UK dpressives ditch their prozac and implement a supervised
program of smile therapy. CEO’s in Brazil employ humour consultants to transform
their corporate culture. ‘World Laughter Day’ which began in India now involves
tens of thousands of people around the world practicing yogic laughter
techniques together to promote the physical and emotional benifit of pure joy’.

The Sunshine laughter group has this to say about their activity –

‘Laughter Yoga is a unique concept that anyone can laugh for no reason (no
jokes, humour or comedy is needed) you can just fake it ’til you make it! It’s a
little known scientific fact that your body cannot tell the difference between
real & fake laughter and in either case your body responds with positive happy

Laughter Yoga combines laughter exercise with Yoga breathing. The breathing
increases the oxygen to the brain & body, thereby increasing your energy &
general wellbeing.

A Laughter Yoga session also includes a large element of childlike playfulness
and movement using direct eye contact which stimulates spontaneous infectious

Laughter Yoga is not about the person who can laugh the loudest or funniest its
more about finding the spontaneous joy and fun that can bubble up gently, in any
case, it will be uniquely yours.’

I’ve attended this group – it’s lots of fun!

Anthony Ackroyd said that at one gig he did, when he went out into the audience
later one man said he’d been feeling suicidal before the show, that had now
shifted and he made the comment – ‘ You wouldn’t be dead for quids when you can
have a laugh’

Ya wouldn’t , would Ya!!!!


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