Posted by: physicalimmortalitythemasspossibility | December 18, 2010

A DIVINE Physically Immortal Christmas Gift

The divine or god is ‘All that is’ ie infinite possibility. Our healthy ‘little self’ chooses the 3D reality it wants to experience out of infinite possibility. We would not have an earth experience without it.

It’s the belief in physical death that has created unhealthy ‘little self’ behaviours ie those that are disconnected from the WHOLE of humanity. The ‘little self’ has been made to live with a belief that at any time’physical death’ could ‘strike it down’ – this creates a lot of survival behaviour – eg jealousy, scarcity, fear +. Even the awakening to our divine connection does not take away that fear. The understanding of our immortal SPIRITUAL nature still does not make ageing, and the physical death process palpatable. The divine does not want us to feel like victims – haven’t we played the physical death game for long enough? We are equal co-creators with the divine – we can live in harmony with each other – survival thinking and behaviour slowly exits when we know ‘we are the only ones who can take our physical lives away’.

Ongoing Health is our birthright!

Because of the mass cosciousness belief that ‘physical death is inevitable’, we bought into a thoughtform that our bodies were born with a ‘design fault’!!

We concluded deep within our psyche that if our physical body must die at some point – that we reach a ‘use by date’ – then we must have a ‘design fault’that makes us vulnerable to ‘attack’ and just about everything else!
At an emotional level, the effects of the ‘design fault’ belief are even more devastating – such as ‘I am so unworthy, so I was given this affliction’ and ‘I must be guilty of something just for being me, otherwise I wouldn’t be sentenced to death’ and ‘It’s dangerous to be me’ Dificult for people to feel lighthearted with these deep programmes running.

Claim your divine warranty NOW!!! The divine has sent out a notice – ‘All bodies that choose, go forth WHOLE from NOW until eternity’ – IT”S SAFE TO BE
Eternal health is your DIVINE BIRTHRIGHT



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