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Leonard Orr in Australia – 2011

Leonard Orr in OZ – see below for details

The Tao of Leonard By Peace Arnold, USA

Leonard Orr, Founder of Rebirthing-Breathwork and internationally renowned “father” of the Breathwork Movement, is a yogi and a researcher more than a guru. Following the lead of personal experience, Leonard travels around the world building community and sharing his methods and discoveries with seekers, students, trainees, devotees, politicians, health professionals, sales clerks, and anyone else he encounters, leading them on a journey of self discovery and personal empowerment grounded in Truth, Simplicity, and Love.

He is most famous for revealing the impact of traumatic birth memories stored in our bodies and the discovery of a gentle, yet powerful, merged breathing rhythm found to stimulate the release of traumatic patterns of tension held in the body. Many of us share the common experience of having had our umbilical cord, our vital source of oxygen, nutrients and connection, abruptly cut at birth. This experience robbed us of learning to breath from the breath itself in a natural way, with far reaching consequences. Rebirthing-Breathwork, as Leonard demonstrates, guides us gently toward recovery of this lost initiation, re-establishing the natural course of self-knowledge and inner guidance in harmony with nature, itself.

While many psychotherapists have discovered the benefits of Breathwork and incorporate it in some form into their psychotherapeutic practices, it is not a form of psychotherapy. Rebirthing-Breathwork is a powerful form of pranayama, or breathing practice. Years after the Breathwork boom, while on a trip to India, Leonard discovered that the breathing practice he had been teaching was, actually, a Kriya, or cleansing practice, used by a yogis on the path of physical mastery or immortality. While there may be great benefit to incorporating this practice outside of this context, the deeper intention and potential comes from a purer form set in a spectrum of yogic practice.

The conscious connected breathing rhythm cleans the energy body at the cellular level, opens energetic pathways and clears debris from the channels throughout the body. My background is in Asian Bodywork and the human energy system, and I am amazed at how vividly the pathways and organ systems have come alive for me with the practice of energy breathing, as I have learned it from studying Leonard’s work. Once you actually feel your energy centers in action as clearly as you are able to feel your heart beating the world will never be the same. An experience like this opens your eyes to the unlimited potential for health and well being available to us all. Then comes personal choice. The choice to take responsibility for your health; the choice to clear your mental belief in the inevitability of death, degeneration and disease; the choice to incorporate the practices of aliveness into your daily life; the choice to live.

For over 35 years, now, Leonard has provided a space for anyone interested in coming to experience a clean and balanced energy body through spiritual purification practices with Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Mind, Community/Relationship, and Love.

Since 2005 I have devoted my energies to the service of Rebirthing and the Rebirthing community at large. Over this time I have developed a deep appreciation for Leonard Orr and the service he offers to the world. True to his original intent Leonard ministers to the un-churched and delights in the wide variety relationships he forms along the way. I have seen Leonard open minds and doors for many people in this short expanse of time. And, I dearly look forward to the day that the scope of this enigmatic hero is more fully appreciated.

Peace Arnold, CEO Rebirth International, US

Australia 2011 January 14 – 23, 2011

Leonard Orr and Pauline Win ~!~
Discover the Yoga of Aliveness
Easy, pleasurable practices w/ Earth, Air, Fire, Water, & Mind
(based on Leonard’s ground breaking work in the field of human potential)
Come. Celebrate your Divinity. Relax
more details at:


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