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As Simple as DO-RE-MI…..

I shared a little of the Sound chapter from my ‘Fun Way’ book with an on-line community and
THEN….AND THEN…… this is how it unfolded –


Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La ….

When my daughter was a little girl she always asked me to sing to her at bedtime
– most times Do- Re- M – she knew instinctively that it transported her to a
magical place. The Party of your Life requires the magic of song.

The magical realm of song and music does not exist without sound, so this is
where I will start. Sound is a very interesting energetic vibration—it is half
way between energy and matter. Healing mediums such as colour, flower essences,
homeopathy and reiki are vibrational frequencies that work on the energy body.
Western medical techniques work on the physical body. Sound vibrations seem to
be somewhere between these two. Sound has a demonstrable effect on the
physical—-breaking of glass by opera singers is widely known.

I feel the most important sound to affect the health of your body is the sound
of your own voice, both speaking and singing….

On my own journey I found toning the easiest way to start rediscovering my vocal
richness.Toning is simply singing vowel sounds in an elongated fashion, choosing
different pitches as desired.



i…………….. and so forth

If repeated for several minutes a day, emotional blocks are released and the
voice becomes free to play………………..

.After you have rediscovered your voice with toning, you can move to singing.
Singing involves adding music to your words. Music is amazing. Listening to and
playing music is very life affirming. Your intuition is usually your best guide
to what music you need to listen to, play or sing.

I have a few favorites for you to sample. Firstly Mozart, Mozart, Mozart – I
find his music full of fun and joy. It allays fears and facilitates re-birth.
Alfred Tomatis, the famous ear, nose and throat specialist, used Mozart’s music
along with Gregorian chant and filtering of the mothers voice to successfully
treat autism, premature infants, learning disabilities, vocal and hearing
handicaps, head injuries and related psychiatric and neurologic disorders.

Don Campbell, classically trained musician and director of the Institute for
Music, Health and Education, has written a book called `The Mozart Effect’ which
I highly recommend. Campbell describes ways Mozart’s music can enhance
creativity, reduce tension and assist with healing.

The `Messiah’ by Handel is a favorite. Large quantities of the lyric are about
Physical Immortality. The music is very uplifting. Handel is reported to have
written this in a transcendent state, virtually not eating for the time he was

I feel that Bach, particularly Air on a G-String, opens my heart ,as does the
Breathless album by Kenny G..

The idea of music for health and well being is not new. Pythagorus, the Greek
Philosopher and Mathematician, who lived around 580 to 500 BC is credited, in
our western culture, as the first person to use music in this way. Mitchell
Gaynor in his book, `Sounds of Healing’ ,reports story in which Pythagorus –
`began his analytical consideration of music while listening to several
blacksmiths at work. He noticed that some sequences of hammer blow sounds were
more pleasing to the ear than others, which inspired him over time to create
musical scales.’………………

this was shared –

Daily Feng Shui Tip by Ellen Whitehurst for Friday, February 4

……. let’s today talk about using music to heal.

Since time began, sound frequencies have been used for healing as well as to
affect higher states of consciousness. According to the mystery schools and
traditions of India, Ireland, Egypt, Babylon and Greece, sound was one of the
original medicines. And now we learn that one of the most effective melodies
that can be increase states of health and healing is none other than a personal
favorite of mine, ‘Do-Re-Mi’ from the ‘The Sound of Music.’ This song is said to
hold great healing capabilities as it uses the entire octave that then imprints
and balances every chakra center in the body. It als o employs a pumping action
in its rhythm that activates and moves energy up the spine from the base to the
crown of the head, activating internal centers of energy that animate and bring
health to the whole being. It’s said that you should sing or play four rounds of
this song’s the verses in order to cleanse your aura or electromagnetic field.
This single singing effort is believed to balance and align all the energies in
the body while additionally relieving emotional and mental stress. All together
now, ‘Doe, a deer, a female deer –.’

AND THEN……’the sound of music’ needed even more VOICE sooo another short
quote from my book…..

….. It seems to me that most popular and classic books and movies have had
significant influence on the evolution of mass consciousness. We all have our
favourites …… I’ll share here some of the symbolism from a few of mine.

`Bless my homeland FOREVER …. with `The Sound of Music’ ….’

In ` The Sound of Music – the making of America’s Favourite Movie’, Julia
Antopol-Hirsch had this to say about the decision of the film makers to make
this movie – `Finally at 2 in the morning, utterly frustrated and talked-out
Lehman stopped and said, `Willy, I know you hated the stage show, but just tell
me one thing. What did you feel at the moment that Captain von Trapp started
singing `The Sound of Music’ with his children? Wyler took Lehman’s hand and
said, `Funny you should bring up that moment, I almost cried.’ Lehman smiled
and said, `Willy, that’s it! That’s what it’s all about !’

So, what was that moment about? A patriarchal, left-brained, logical,
disciplined man OPENING HIS HEART and RECONNECTING with his musical, creative,
fun loving, right brained children and his own inner child. The dance of

Maria, the archetypal divine mother, created a bridge of unconditional love
between the two. Until we create that unconditionally loving, co-operative and
peaceful bridge – we are at war within our own being and this is reflected in
our world. This element was also portrayed in the movie with the back drop of
the 2nd World War.

The family, having found peace within themselves, were intuitively led to peace
`on the other side of the mountains’.

The lyrics and music in this classic also have many life affirming messages.

We have discussed how praise, love and gratitude move us beyond the duality of
good and bad. A fun term that I’ve used to describe this is `bagoo’- bad/good.
`The Sound of Music’ brings to our attention the `bagoo’ of childhood and the
inner child -the mixture of the fun and sometimes `naughty’ stuff’ of childhood
and the `right brain’ ie singing, music and creativity etc with the logical,
left brained, adult stuff. `How do you solve a `problem’ like Maria, how do you
catch a cloud and pin it down – she climbs a tree and scrapes her knee, her
dress has got a tear, she waltzes on the way to Mass and whistles on the stair,
and underneath her wimple, I’ve seen curlers in her hair ! And I’ve even heard
her singing in the Abbey!!!
How do you solve a `problem’ like Maria?
LOVE – always Love…..then one realizes there was never a `problem’ only a

SO – LET’S START AT THE VERY BEGINNING, A VERY GOOD PLACE TO START….When you read you begin with ABC, when you SING you begin with DO – Re – MI…..


‘THE FUN WAY OF PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY PHILOSOPHY’ is now available at as a printed book and an eBook. In the ‘FUN WAY’, fun emanates from a deep loving space within the heart and spirit. It is an educational and playful celebration of the ‘party of ongoing, healthy life’!



  1. Janni…this whole post sent chills through me. Not only did I totally resonate with the content of the post but it sent me on a journey back in time as I relived those many shared moments with my husband Pat…it was his favorite move and the only movie that I ever saw him cry in! Now I know why! Such a perfect, target on and beautiful description of what was happening to this 6 foot 3 inch big guy who just did not cry easily…and certainly not from movies.

    I saw firsthand exactly what you just described happening. It was a sacred moment for sure…

    As for me, I am a singer, always have been. I sing any chance I get and people often find me because they hear me singing LOL. It keeps you happy and your mind occupied with happiness as fear is always lurking in the rear waiting for that opportunity to jump in and steal your energy.

    I will be singing those “de, re, me” songs over and over with my grandchildren 😉

    LOVE truly is the answer to everything and I live every moment now with the conscious decision to live from a perspective of LOVE.
    Thanks Janni…love hearing your voice…

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