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Dancing is an exquisite form of body art and emotional expression. And, of course for your party dancing, you don’t have to be any ‘good’ at it!
Intuitive dancing is just allowing your body to move where it wants to go following the rhythm and melody of the music. So up out of your chair, put on your favourite piece of music, tune in to your body and move it where IT wants to go. You may find that emotions surface to be gently released. Sometimes an insight emerges from your body wisdom about your life situation. Sometimes it just feels like fun! It’s OK to be silly – doesn’t matter what you look like, go for it! This is one of the reasons we love to be around children so much – they are so free and easy with their movements. The movement of your body’s energy system will create movement in your life. With intuitive dance, you give your body freedom to move in different ways – so your life patterns will begin to shift. Your body and life become more flexible.
Towards the conclusion of a ten week intuitive dance course, our family decided on a six month holiday touring around Australia. I did say it makes you move! Life is movement, flowing movement.

Denise Linn in her book ‘Secrets and Mysteries’, has this to say – ‘Spontaneous dancing is one of the purist forms of elemental expression. This kind of dance can open an inner most core that cannot be expressed in words. It can awaken an innate wisdom, and creativity within you that is awesome and powerful. It has been said that extemporaneous dance is prayer in movement. When you enter into the sacred realm of dance, an alchemy occurs, the disparate and separate aspects of yourself unite and become integrated. Your dance can carry you into a state of divine ecstasy with each step bringing you closer to spirit.’

The dance of the yin/yang, feminine/masculine requires harmony, balance, and equality for ongoing, healthy life with the ultimate potential of Physical Immortality. The playful dance of polarities. Yang – Masculine qualities have been dominant over the Yin – Feminine qualities in our western culture. This is now shifting to equality and balance. Yang qualities such as logic, separation, rationality, individuality, doing are moving to a balance with intuition, wholeness, emotions, creativity, co-operation and being. One polarity is not right and the other wrong. Harmonious co-operative love between the two – a passionate, loving, dancing partnership – creates peace……

‘THE FUN WAY OF PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY PHILOSOPHY’ is now available. at   in printed form and as an eBook  

In the ‘FUN WAY’, fun emanates from a deep loving space within the heart and spirit. It is an educational and playful celebration of the ‘party of ongoing, healthy life’!

Shareall at said -’ Your Fantastic Ebook! …Your words are divine nectar. I have been sharing the same for years and years. To read it put so eloquently by you, is beyond wonderful.’

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  1. Love spontaneous dancing! Recently, while waiting in the checkout line at EarthFare, an Asheville whole-foods-type store, something the cashier did inspired me to start dancing a little jig in line…. and before I knew it, the cashier, his customer, and a couple of other people also in line started a spontaneous ‘dance-about’… which lasted at least half a minute…. while other customers in the store stared and smiled. What fun we all had! I would love that all of life could be this spontaneous and joyous. Thank you for your post!

  2. Thanks Jaqueline. Love your spontaniety! Thanks for sharing!

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