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The Ongoing Adventures of Cinder and Charming….

In a writing class, I was asked to dialogue with a storybook character. Cinderella and I had the following light – hearted and insightful exchange –

Dear Cinderella
What was it like in that household? You
must have felt like a slave being at the beck and call
of your stepmother. Not being able to have your own
opinion or do what you wanted. And those stepsisters –
the ridicule and hatred they dumped on you. How did you
find the strength to overcome those demonic individuals
with their strong voices knowing they held the means of
your survival? I guess it was the strength of your spirit,
your softness and inner beauty. Of course the fairy godmother
helped a bit too. Who was she – the divine mother? I
know you are happy now with your prince charming – what a
man and so deserved.
Love Janni

Dear Janni
Great to hear from you. Yes my prince
charming was well worth my patience and effort. My stepmother is now
in rehabilitation. She had an alcohol problem you know. My
stepsisters have grown up. Most of their stuff was just
teenagers being themselves. I don’t hold any grudges.
Compassion and strength of spirit were my strongest allies.
Most people have these nasty inner voices that are
reflected in the people around them. Our inner dialogue
needs to become self affirming and allow us to
courageously follow our dreams and passions. The fairy
godmother was indeed the divine mother, her voice is one
that has been long denied by the world but now they are
Well, Charming and I are going to another ball
tonight. I have a beaut new green dress to wear and I’ve
dusted off my glass slippers. The music will be a little
Strauss combined with a lot of hip hop. Wish you were
here, Charming’s brother is visiting and he’s hot!
Lots of love Cinder

Someone asked – can you give an example of how Cinder practiced patience?

The stepmother was angry at her for not not doing the dishes ‘correctly or clean enough’. Cinder breathed deeply and took herself to a quiet location away from her stepmother as soon as she was able. In this quiet place, she continued to breathe deeply into her heart, she called on the unconditional love of the divine and then took 100% resposibility for this situation that she had created in her life. She was aware that all outer events and perceptions are a result of some belief program she has running in her subconscious. Any people in her script are acting out something for her growth. She also surrounds this situation with as much gratitude as she can.

Slowly she calms, she feels the love of the divine in her heart. Over time she recognses the she is running a program that she needs to be ‘perfect’ in things she does because deep down she feels unworthy and unloveable. She feels the ‘feminine’ tasks she performs are not equal in worthiness to those performed out in the world. She now becomes more grateful to have found these old beliefs and starts to affirm self loving and knowledge that her contributions to people and the world are equally worthy.

GRATITUDE bubbled forth frequently towards her stepmother for preciptating her awareness of how she was ‘imprisoned’ by those beliefs. Slowly although more rapidly than she ever expected, their relationship improved. The stepmother confided that she had a problem with alcohol and had started to see a psychologist – the stepmother realised she needed to take responsibility for her behaviour and life.

More insight into Cinders response-
Cinders ‘unhealthy ego’ – ie the subconscious program that told her she needed to be ‘perfect’ because she was unworthy and unloveable – initiallly became hurt and angry at the stepmother – that’s why she needed to breathe deeply , calm herself and open herself to the soothing of divine love within her heart..

Many people react from that hurt and anger – their ‘unhealthy ego’ – and do not take 100% responsibility for their creation. Of course that part of Cinder wanted revenge – however she realised that just contiues the ‘pain and abuse’ cycle.

Love and gratitude bring in the energies of grace.

I was talking to a friend today about Cinder and her comment was that she perceived Cinder as an introvert and wondered if this gave Cinder an advantage in finding her inner strength and compassion compared to an extrovert.

My feeling and observation is that being ‘introverted’ in personality is often associated with feelings of unworthiness and feeling unappreciated – then silence is sought as a form of ‘escape’ from others who are seen as reflecting ‘unworthiness’ back to us. ‘Introverts’ often have difficulty speaking their truth so they suppress their voice. Part of their inner growth is often to connect with people and speak up more authentically.

The space of ‘silence and reflection’ and the compassionate heart that Cinder found is quite different to the escapist space sought by the unhealthy ego of the introvert.

She appears to the outside observer to be ‘doing nothing’ – all the action is taking place in her inner world. In the inner world she is consciously choosing with all her strength to take 100% responsibility for creating this situation, staying present and choosing love and gratitude. She does this with a passionate desire to find a peaceful reality – that passion would be akin to her ‘hair on fire’ lol

Someone asked Cinder whether she considered spending anytime living by herself before she married Charming, this was her letter in response –

Thanks for your insightful question. I had spent a lot of time going within and BEING while I was in my Stepmothers home. My ‘inner cave’ was where I found peace, strength and compassion. I also learnt to bring this space to every moment whether I was doing or being. The present moment became a gift – sometimes the presence of others was part of that gift, sometimes not.

I did have a trip to Glastonbury and communed with nature for several weeks while Charming and I were engaged, however I did not feel it necessary to live alone for a lengthy period . Charming is also very conscious and seeks his own inner sanctuary regularily. We enjoy a partnership of co – creation, shared experiences ,equality, respect, freedom of individual expression and loads of FUN!! We do have our occasional ‘moment’ however we don’t play the blame game. We each take responsibility and communicate as much as possible from a non reactive space. And the dancing is sublime!
much love Cinder

More memoires from Cinder –

One day when I was walking through the garden ,a beautiful yellow and red flower beckoned me over. As I communed with it, a powerful feeling of oneness with nature and all life opened within my heart, tears of joy trickled down my cheeks. Time was motionless…………………….

My reality shifted that day to a deep knowing of oneness with ALL life….

The time has come , the walrus said , for Cinder , Charming and ALL to live heavenly on earth ………. πŸ™‚


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