Posted by: physicalimmortalitythemasspossibility | June 3, 2011

GRATITUDE – for new perceptions of LIFE…….

Once upon a time there was a garden gnome who was very unhappy and lonely. He was cold and stone like. He felt that nobody loved him and he saw only ugliness all around him.
One day a very wise rabbit visited the garden. The rabbit had seen much of life and suggested to the gnome that he start being grateful for everything in his life. This was something gnome had never done so he decided to give it a go. Each day he poured out gratitude for the flowers, for the trees, the birds and the bees. He followed the rabbit’s advice exactly and was even grateful for the things that used to annoy him. The more he saw to be grateful for, the more gratitude he felt.

A miracle began to happen in the garden. The flowers grew more abundantly, their colours became more vivid, the birds chirped more tunefully and people began to visit the garden.
One spring morning a beautiful fairy visited the garden. She said to the gnome ‘Llittle gnome, your gratefulness has made this garden a vision of splendour for all who visit it. What a gift you have given the world. What gift would you like in return?’
‘I have been blessed. I would like to be a gardener to bring beauty to other gardens through gratitude.’
The fairy waved her magick wand and the gnome became a gardener. The gratitude gardener brought great joy and beauty to people wherever he went, he found a female love gardener to share with and they all lived happily forever after…..

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In the ‘FUN WAY’, fun emanates from a deep loving space within the heart and spirit. It is an educational and playful celebration of the ‘party of ongoing, healthy life’!



  1. Learning to learn gratitude. Many thanks.

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