Posted by: physicalimmortalitythemasspossibility | June 6, 2011


With Healthy Life Extension/ Physical Immortality Philosophy the heart becomes more fully open and unconditionally loving. We create the divine ’round table of the heart’ where all parts of ourselves are heard and loved.

All the emotions that are not love need to be re-assessed. That is, the emotions based on fear – hate, anger, resentment, jealousy and so on. Because most of these emotions were judged “socially unacceptable” we have tended to suppress and store these feelings. We learn to respect these feelings, understand them, re-assess them and let them go.

Many life enhancing modalities will assist you with this. I found Aura Soma therapy a very powerful tool for my emotional allowing, understanding and balance. It is a colour therapy which also uses the energies of essential oils, herbs and crystals. A wonderful and very beautiful medium. I have also had some powerful bodywork sessions.

Music, toning and singing are exciting and joyous ways to explore your
emotions. The sound of music has always been very close to my heart!

Breathing techniques are also useful. Robert Coon teaches some interesting ones.
Rebirthing is a powerful healing tool using the breath.

Sondra Ray from her book “Loving Relationships” has this reminder-“When you finally give up an (old destructive) pattern—

You might feel sad

You might feel lonely

You might feel confused and uncertain

You might feel lost

You might even miss that negative mental mass

You might feel it is like a “little death”

This will pass

Don’t fill that void with another problem.

Fill it with LOVE”.

An important area to create an unconditionally loving bridge, is the
YIN/YANG. Previously we have been living with the subconscious ‘belief’
that these are polarised opposites – one ‘right’ and the other ‘wrong’
– depending on which ‘pole’ one chose to ‘inhabit’. Yin qualities such
as beng, creativity, right brain, oneness, feminine qualities etc were
deemed ‘more right’ by some, whilst doing, logic, left brain,
individuality, masculine qualities were deemed ‘more right’ by others.

A shift to unconditional love, harmony, co -operation and mutual respect
– A BEAUTIFUL DANCE OF THE YIN/YANG – creates many life affirming


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