Posted by: physicalimmortalitythemasspossibility | November 5, 2011

The Liberation of ‘Grey Hair’

There is a revolution/evolution occurring among Aussie ‘Greys’ – the ‘Grey Nomads’.

‘The grey nomads have put the retirement village on hold and taken to the highway in caravans, campervans and motorhomes. Some are on a perpetual holiday, with no fixed address. Others are seasonal travellers, flying north for the winter……Will people retire to the road that goes on forever?’

This trend has been gaining momentum over the last 30 or so years.

I find this so interesting. In times past, people would often view grey hair with a feeling of doom – the first visible sign of the ‘call to death’.  Physical death is , after all, inevitable, isn’t it ?

Now many are viewing retirement and ‘grey hair’ with a whole new and exciting belief system. I have had contact with several people who have overcome serious diseases in this way. So what happens when people pack up and hit the road for months and sometimes years at a time?

They reactivate their sense of adventure.

They leave behind some old ways of identifying themselves – old ego structures that no longer serve them.

They leave behind ‘family responsibilities’ and allow others to fulfill them for , at least, a while.

They meet new people – some from social circles that they may never have connected with before.

They may realise that they are not their material possesions.

They learn new skills.

They often connect with nature in a whole new way.

They relax……….they laugh more often……. time becomes less rigid……..

And remember, you don’t need grey hair to give yourself permission for any of these experiences…..

Liberty is right here……right NOW…..

Celebrate LIFE and all it’s diversity with whatever hair colour you choose !



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