Posted by: physicalimmortalitythemasspossibility | January 19, 2012

Some thoughts / feelings within Physical Immortality philosophy

Gratitude is an energy frequency that you are inviting into and liberating out of the depths of your heart. So it really is much more than the ‘word’ or the ‘feeling’.
You are tuning yourself into a frequency. You are grateful for everything…..the little you, the big you, everything inside you and outside of you…you are directing your gratitude to ALL….
The frequency of gratitude is a powerful dissolver of obstacles, old emotional patterns / beliefs, parts that require integrating and reconnecting within the heart.
Dont get too caught up on ‘am I feeling it’…its a bit like developing a ‘gratitude muscle’….the more you use it the stronger and easier it gets…
Unconditional love and praise are also part of the grace frequencies. Our hearts have been ‘gunked up’ with karmic emotional energy for a few aeons so be patient with yourself and the journey……and remember to laugh frequently…

Humpty Dumpty (the Whole) had a great fall and became a myriad of individual pieces. For a while they felt lost and disconnected. Then they remembered their connection to the whole and loved their uniqueness. The wall around their hearts dissolved, all the kings horses and all the kings men were no longer needed in that role and they ALL lived happily forever after….
be cause of you
song divine
echoes of time
love sublime
play my cause
cause my play
sublime love
time of echoes
divine song
you of cause be

‘Boomerang of creation’ Janni Lloyd

Inspired by Peter William Fremlin’s Hiddenym line’…Be cause of the grace..’

What secrets do you hold
Your magnificence bewitches us
Your perfumes make us heady
Is this part of the divine gift
An intelligence cloaked in glamour

Your essences heal
our wounded psyche
Your beautiful forms
symbolise love and care

Humanity as it wakes
to its own magnificence
shall learn of the secrets
and wonder


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