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Fun is LIFE

‘But the adult is not the highest stage of development. The end of the cycle is that of the independent, clear – minded, all seeing child. That is the level known as wisdom. When the Tao Te Ching and other wise books say things like …, ‘Return to the beginning, become a child again’, that’s what they’re referring to. Why do the enlightened seem filled with light and happiness, like children? Why do they sometimes even look and talk like children? Because they are. The wise are Children Who Know…’ Benjamin Hoff ‘The Tao of Pooh’

From ‘The Tao of Pooh’ – ‘The masters of life know the way, for they listen to the voice within them, the voice of wisdom and simplicity….
Within each of us there is an Owl, a Rabbit, an Eeyore and a Pooh. For too long, we have chosen the way of Owl and Rabbit. Now, like Eeyore, we complain about the results. But that accomplishes nothing. If we are smart we will chose the way of Pooh. As if from far away, it calls to us with the voice of a child’s mind. It may be hard to hear at times, but it is important just the same, because without it, we will never find our way out of the forest..’

and may I add, never be fully present and enjoy the tree right in front of us…

Benjamin Hoff

‘There are things about ourselves….that we need to change. But ,at the the same time, we do not need to be too desperate, too ruthless, too combative. … many of those things will change themselves, and the others can be worked on as we go. The first thing we need to do is recognize and trust our Inner Nature, and not lose sight of it. For …in each of us is something special, and that we need to keep.

For a long time they looked at the river beneath them, saying nothing, and the river said nothing too, for it felt quiet and peaceful on this summer afternoon.

‘Tigger is all right really,’ said Piglet lazily.

‘Of course he is,’ said Christopher Robin.

‘Everybody is really,’ said Pooh. ‘That’s what I think,’ said Pooh. ‘But I don’t suppose I’m right,’ he said.

‘Of course you are,’ said Christopher Robin. ‘

The Tao of Pooh’ Benjamin Hoff

“…as you follow the Way, you leave the land of either / or and enter the land of Both…
In other words, Tao is both ” subtlety” and ” action” . Those who consider it only as spirit and ignore its forms, or who notice it’s forms but disregard what is behind and within them, know of only half of it , at best…”
‘The Te of Piglet ‘, Benjamin Hoff
Matter ( form ) / spirit,… yin / yang dancing…I feel is an aspect of physical immortality consciousness.

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