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300+ years in a healthy, vital physical body? Dr Janni Lloyd

I will present this using the four categories: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical. There is, of course, no separation between these levels – when we use techniques to energise ourselves at one level, it creates effects at all levels.


With Healthy Life Extension /Physical Immortality Philosophy we are moving from the Spiritual Law of Karma to the Law of Grace.

Law of Karma >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Law of Grace





The Law of Karma – “As we sow so shall we reap”, “An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth”. This law of cause and effect has created much hatred, resentment and retribution which has led to pain, suffering and death. By using the energies of forgiveness/gratitude, praise and love we transcend the Karmic Law and move into a State of Grace.

We are cosmic script writers – with Karma we create murder mysteries, war and horror movies, soap opera’s and emotional dramas of the highest order. With Grace – romantic comedies, enchantment movies, travel adventures and musicals become popular. Review your own cosmic script, maybe it needs a rewrite!

Praise, Love and Gratitude are very powerful qualities to embrace. They will move you from Karma to Grace. Praise the Divine in all things. Robert Coon in his book “The Science of Everlasting Life” says – “Praise is a fiery energy that purifies. Cultivate an enthusiastic spiritual fire within and bathe and anoint all creation with this cleansing flame. Praise glorifies the Creation and reveals the Immortal presence of the Creator”.

Unconditional love of self and all others allows freedom of expression. Once we love every aspect of ourselves unconditionally we automatically love others unconditionally.

Gratitude is very powerful for moving from Karma to Grace. Robert Coon in his book “Voyage to Avalon” has this to say – “As you explore the subterranean recesses of the heart, let the lamp of joyous gratitude light thy way … often you experience the same Karmic event time after time until you react with gratitude – only then do you make the evolutionary jump to new dimensions of life. The Law of Grace is far more powerful than the Law of Karma …. “.

Gratitude multiplies blessings. Start using gratitude for the good things in your life, see your focus change and the blessings in your life increase. Gratitude allows you to see the cup half full, not half empty.

For the situations that are causing difficulty, use the “Gratitude Bubble”,

•1) Spend a couple of minutes being grateful from the heart for your blessings.

•2) Visualise the difficult situation or person, bring it into your heart if possible.

•3) Say or think “Thanks for this situation. I now choose a new perception and for the gift to be revealed”.

When you commence the “Gratitude Bubble” exercise you will probably not be able to have genuine gratitude radiating from your heart about the difficulty. However, all you need is a willingness to be grateful – the more you do it, the more the understanding will come and you will start to feel true gratitude. The situation will shift and the gift will be revealed.

Forgiveness is a stepping stone to gratitude. When we become aware that every event in our lives is giving us valuable lessons and insights, we realise there is nothing to forgive. We learn to take responsibility for drawing certain events to ourselves. We, also, realise that we can learn through JOY and no longer need to learn through pain and suffering.


The most important first step at the mental level is to “BELIEVE PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY IS POSSIBLE!”. This opens the way for you to draw information and people to you to assist you in your quest for more life. The old adage “If you believe you can’t – you won’t, if you believe you can – you will” is very appropriate here. The people who believed that humanity would never create a successful “flying machine” did not invent one!

Another important area to question at the mental level is ‘Ageing’. I feel what we call ‘ageing’ is actually a chronic dis-ease that we have accepted. Because we believed “death was inevitable” we created a way of fading out of life slowly – “ageing”. If we liken our life force to a fully open stream of water – we turned the tap off slowly. It’s time to challenge this chronic dis-ease – do not accept anything as a symptom of ‘ageing’, see a health professional (at this stage alternative practitioners are usually more helpful in this area) if you can’t sort out the imbalance yourself. When I was working as a medical doctor, I had people who had only been on the earth 26 years say to me that whatever was ailing them “must be their age”!

From his book “Ageless Body Timeless Mind” here is what Deepak Chopra says – “Because the mind influences every cell in the body, human ageing is fluid and changeable, it can speed up, slow down, stop for a time, and even reverse itself. Hundreds of research findings from the last three decades have verified that ageing is much more dependant on the individual than was ever dreamed of in the past … to challenge ageing at it’s core, this entire world view must be challenged first, for nothing holds more power, over the body than beliefs of the mind.”

He goes on to say many pages later ” …. We need to overturn the beliefs supported by fear. In place of the belief that your body decays with time, nurture the belief that your body is new at every moment. In place of the belief that your body is a mindless machine, nurture the belief that your body is infused with the deep intelligence of life, whose sole purpose is to sustain you. These new beliefs are not just nicer to live with they are true – we experience the joy of life through our bodies, so it is only natural to believe that our bodies are not set against us but want what we want.”

Sondra Ray in “How to be Chic, Fabulous and Live Forever” has this to say about the belief in death and ageing – ” … who would want to live forever in a body that was old, decrepit, and full of pain? Nobody …. But do you know that your body is full of pain, or has any pain, because you are hanging onto the death urge in the first place? Trying to live while holding onto the thought that death is inevitable is like driving a car forward with the gears in reverse and/or with the brakes on. Eventually it just will not work. The body cannot resolve that conflict in the mind. It is getting mixed instructions. Since all pain is the effort involved in clinging to a negative thought, and since the worst anti-life negative thought is death (the opposite of life), then you can begin to see how death thoughts and old age thoughts lead to pain …”

A study was done in 1979, by psychologist Ellen Langer and her team at Harvard, which demonstrates the power of the mind to reverse ageing. Deepak Chopra describes this study in “Ageless Body, Timeless Mind” – “The subjects, all 75 or older and in good health, were asked to meet for a weeks retreat at a country resort. They were informed in advance that they would be given a battery of physical and mental exams, but in addition one unusual stipulation was placed upon them; they were not allowed to bring any newspapers, magazines, books or family photos dated later than 1959. The purpose of this odd request became clear when they arrived – the resort had been set up to duplicate life as it was 20 years earlier. Instead of magazines from 1979, the reading tables held issues of Life and Saturday Evening Post from 1959. The only music played was 20 years old, and in keeping with this flashback, the men were asked to behave entirely as if the year were 1959. All talk had to refer to events and people of that year. Every detail of their week in the country was geared to make each subject feel, look, talk and behave as he had in his mid 50′s.

During this period, Langer’s team made extensive measurements of the subjects biological age. Gerontologists have not been able to fix the precise markers that define biological age, as I noted earlier, but a general profile was compiled for each man using measurements of physical strength, posture, perception, cognition and short term memory along with thresholds of hearing, sight and taste.

The Harvard team wanted to change the context in which these men saw themselves. The premise of their experiment was that seeing oneself as old or young directly influences the ageing process itself. To shift their context back to 1959 the researchers had their subjects wear ID photo’s taken 20 years before – the group learned to identify one another through these pictures rather than present appearance, they were instructed to talk exclusively in the present tense of 1959 (“I wonder if President Eisenhower will go with Nixon next election”); their wives and children were referred to as if they were also 20 years younger; although all the men were retired, they talked about their careers as if they were still in full swing.

The results of this playacting were remarkable. Compared to a control group that went on retreat but continued to live in the world of 1979, the make believe group improved in memory and manual dexterity. They were more active and self sufficient about such things as taking their own food at meals and cleaning up their rooms, behaving much more like 55 year olds than 75 year olds (many had become dependant on younger family members to perform everyday tasks for them).

Perhaps the most remarkable change had to do with aspects of ageing that were considered irreversible. Impartial judges who were asked to study before and after pictures of the men detected that their faces looked visibly younger by an average of three years. Measurements of finger length, which tends to shorten with age, indicated that their fingers had lengthened, stiffened joints were more flexible and posture had started to straighten as it had in younger years. The control group also showed some improvements (Langer explained this by the fact that going on a trip and being treated specially made them feel younger too). But the control group actually declined in certain markers such as manual dexterity and finger length. Intelligence is considered fixed in adults, yet over half of the experimental group showed increased intelligence over the five days of their return to 1959, while a quarter of the control group declined in IQ test scores.

Professor Langer’s study was a landmark in proving that the so called irreversible signs of ageing could be reversed using psychological intervention.”

What a stunning experiment! Those results were obtained in five days! Pause for a few moments and let the meaning of this sink in. These men “youthed” significantly in five days. Become aware of your thoughts, words and actions – they all create results in your reality. Are they contributing to vitality and life or sickness, ageing and death? Positive, life affirming statements commonly known as affirmations, repeated over and over reprograms the subconscious. Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” contains many wonderful affirmations. Start dismantling your social conditioning today, reprogram your subconscious and watch the miracles unfold!


My feeling is that for  Healthy Life Extension/ Physical Immortality the heart needs to become more fully open and unconditionally loving. All the emotions that are not love need to be re-assessed. That is, the emotions based on fear – hate, anger, resentment, jealousy and so on. Because most of these emotions were judged “socially unacceptable” we have tended to suppress and store these feelings. We learn to respect these feelings, understand them, re-assess them and let them go. Many life enhancing modalities will assist you with this. I found Aura Soma therapy a very powerful tool for my emotional allowing, understanding and balance. It is a colour therapy which also uses the energies of essential oils, herbs and crystals. A wonderful and very beautiful medium. I have also had some powerful bodywork sessions..

Music, toning and singing are exciting and joyous ways to explore your emotions. The sound of music has always been very close to my heart!

Breathing techniques are also useful. Robert Coon teaches some interesting ones. Rebirthing, as mentioned in the section on alternative medicine, is a powerful healing tool using the breath.

Sondra Ray from her book “Loving Relationships” has this reminder-”When you finally give up an (old destructive) pattern—

You might feel sad

You might feel lonely

You might feel confused and uncertain

You might feel lost

You might even miss that negative mental mass

You might feel it is like a “little death”

This will pass

Don’t fill that void with another problem.

Fill it with LOVE”.

An important area to create an unconditionally loving bridge, is the yin/yang. Previously we have been living with the subconscious ‘belief’ that these are polarised opposites – one ‘right’ and the other ‘wrong’ – depending on which ‘pole’ one chose to ‘inhabit’. Yin qualities such as beng, creativity, right brain, oneness, feminine qualities etc were deemed ‘more right’ by some, whilst doing, logic, left brain, individuality, masculine qualities were deemed ‘more right’ by others.
The shift to unconditional love, harmony, co -operation and mutual respect – a beautiful dance of the yin/yang – creates many life affirming miracles


The first suggested nutritional requirement for an immortalist is to become a vegetarian. Immortals consider all life sacred,so a move away from requiring the death of animals is the first step.

The possible progression is as follows:–

Vegetarian > Vegan > Raw food Vegan >

Fruitarian > Breatharian .

Advanced immortals are believed to be breatharian i.e. all energy and nutrition is derived from divine prana or life force.

If we remember from quantum physics that everything is composed of intelligent energy – I feel that the breatharian is utilising this intelligent energy as a source of nutrition. Therese Neumann was a Catholic saint who did not eat for many years – she was breatharian but not immortal. India claims many yogis who do not need to eat or drink. In Autobiography Of A Yogi , the author Paramahansa Yogananda , speaks of his visit with Therese Neumann and other breatharian yogis.

In scientific studies ,”eating less” i.e. much reduced calorie intake, has been proven to significantly increase the life span of laboratory animals.

Exercise is important. Children call exercise play — we need to cultivate this same feeling. Move your body with joy. Body honouring systems such as Tai Chi , yoga and intuitive dance are worth exploring. Weight bearing exercises and walking have been proven scientifically to be of benefit.

Peter Kelder’s book Ancient Secrets of The Fountain of Youth has a series of five Tibetan Rites (exercises) which are quite easy to perform.Many people have reported great benefit from these.

Your sexuality/sensuality is an integral part of your being. You may find the exploration of Tantra useful.

Your physical body is as sacred and worthy of respect as your spirit – you are a miracle at every level of your being. Treat yourself – body,mind,heart,spirit – all ONE – with the utmost love and respect.

The philosophy of Physical Immortality improves your quality of life NOW. All we have is the present moment. Anything that improves our level of vitality, health and fun in the now moment, I believe is worthy of consideration. Robert Coon predicts that by 2065 the Health Department will be recommending Physical Immortality. Try out this philosophy for a few hundred years! See how it feels.  Having embraced this way of being since 1992 and received many benefits, I can only imagine what a few hundred years would feel like!


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