Posted by: physicalimmortalitythemasspossibility | December 24, 2012

Physical Immortality Philosophy – this Christmas 2012 :-)

(P)erhaps love
A(h) love it is
Th(y) heart knows
Kis(s) a wound
Blem(i)sh disappears
Its ac(c)eptance
Births (a)new
Each cel(l)

(I)n the timeless
I(m) love
Ad(m)iring the earth play
Col(o)urs twinkle
Most (r)adiant Now
Make a (t)rust Divine
A guide (a)lways
Eternal (l)ife
Dance on b(i)rth
A rejuvena(t)ion
All eternit(y)

On this magickal Christmas Eve, I’m reflecting upon choice. It really is about choice., isnt it… I would love to be on planet earth for a looooong time in a healthy, vital physical body. There are so many beautiful places in nature to explore and cultures to experience….I would like to be here when humanity has discovered total peace and be able to experience the earth then. I like the possibility of exploring other planets, too. I’m sure I could revel in at least 500 years… and in time we will be able to teleport between dimensions 🙂
The smorgasboard of LIFE appears before me today…Santa are you listening ? 🙂

THE FUN WAY of PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY PHILOSOPHY – Dr Janni Lloyd – available as a printed book and eBook at


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