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Ed Franco, Therapist, on Physical Immortality Philosophy

‘When I was a kid, some part of me believed in magic. I still do. This is not a part of me that I want to ‘grow up’ so I can act my age. I love the fact that I still have the zeal and wonder of a child. And, in essence, that is what I am asking of you – to let yourself believe as a child might, that you can create your own personal heaven. As we explore this new frontier together, we will be looking at the collective attitudes and beliefs that we hold on the subject of ageing and death. It is my contention that we have lost our way in a world that could so readily be paradise. If there exists a heaven anywhere, there can exist a heaven here.’
Ed Franco , therapist – Life Unlimited

‘We seem, at the least in the United States, very much an age – centric society, pre – occupied with age for age’s sake. Most television reports on persons in the public eye, such as sports or entertainment figures, will usually mention their age as part of the story. When a famous person is written about in print media, their name is often followed by a comma, which in turn is followed by their age. This practice of routine age disclosure is not limited to celebrities. It’s also very common to give the age of any person who happens to be the focus of an item covered during that city’s evening news broadcast. Their age is often even used in the teaser to promote the program ’57 year old woman from Astoria held at gunpoint at local pharmacy. Tonight at eleven’ This kind of incessant reminder of the number we carry, in a culture that is far from immortalist, cannot help but make us think about our own chronological age vis-a-vis where we fall on the continuum, all the while believing that the greater the number, the closer our proximity to death.
….. If you live one day at a time – truly one day at a time, you will see how easy it is to believe in eternal youthfulness. When you go to sleep at tonight, ask yourself if you expect to wake up old tomorrow. Of course, the answer is no. So on which tomorrow WOULD you wake up old? To which you might respond, ‘No, …it doesn’t work that way. It happens slowly over time, so slowly we don’t see it happening.’ That is exactly the problem. It happens slowly enough that we don’t notice it. But by bringing our CONSCIOUS AWARENESS to it, the process changes…
Ed Franco, Therapist, from his book ‘Life Unlimited’

‎’Change really does happen one person at a time. Each of us can make a difference by speaking our truth and refusing to hide. Skepticism and ridicule almost certainly await us from those who cannot fathom the idea of dramatic longevity. But so what? We are not living life for the sake of receiving validation from others. As more and more persons say yes to the possibility of physical immortality, we will see a noticeable change in the social and cultural values held around ageing. It takes but a few voices to broach the subject with some seriousness for others to take note. As the number of minds embracing this idea continues to grow, we will witness many major changes. What joyous wonders await us here on earth, if we only bid them welcome.’

Ed Franco, therapist, excerpt from his book Life Unlimited

‘Remembering that your thoughts and words are living , vibrant things, use them to your advantage to create your experience of life. Most of us have someone else’s idea of heaven planted securely within us. But it is YOUR idea that holds the key to the mystery of your existence. There will come a time when we will recognize that anything that promotes death or dying is not – could not be – of God. G-O-D could just as easily be spelled L-I-F-E. Reject all limiting beliefs, refuse to judge by appearances, renew yourself in the stillness, attune yourself to your divine purpose and you can’t help but become enthusiastic about life.
Sometimes we just need to hear someone say ‘It’s possible’ before we can make something real. One reason that death has had such a stranglehold on humanity is because very few people have been willing to stand up and say ‘It can be defeated’. Well, count my voice among the growing number of those who say it can. Death can be defeated. and you can live as long as you’d like. But here’s the rub. The only person who can give you the gift of (physical) immortality is you. All any book, ideology or discipline can do is spark your desire, but you make it happen. It takes commitment, the courage to take an unflinching look at the beliefs you hold and the personal resolve to release those that are not in your best interests. From this point onwards, each time a decision is before you ,ask yourself if your choice will take you backward or forward, negate or support you, favor death or life..’

Ed Franco, therapist – an excerpt from his book ‘Life Unlimited’

Wonderful interview on Physical Immortality Philosophy and Healthy Life Extension with Ed Franco.


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