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Jacqueline Corbett – Physical Immortality Philosophy

“One major key to joy and bliss and happiness … and indeed, even health…. is the ability to CHANGE … to remain flexible.

These ‘major keys’ are also characteristics of CREATIVITY… particularly creativity which is ‘improvisational’ in nature and which is ‘totally present’… in ‘the zone’… or in the ‘the FOREVER NOW MOMENT’.

One can also characterize this state as being one of FEARLESSNESS … of being willing to remain comfortably in a state of ‘complete uncertainty’.

Maybe not so coincidetally, this state of ‘blissful uncertainty’ is also the state of the undifferentiated QUANTUM UNIVERSE as a whole.

Hmmmmmm…. (or maybe aaaauuuuuummmmmm).

It’s interesting that an undifferentiated ‘bliss’ is how folks who’ve ‘crossed over and then returned’ describe their experience while ‘away’. 🙂

It’s also how people who have survived strokes with the left portion of their brain totally impaired describe the state they’re in.

Living in this state of bliss and ability to embrace fearlessness in the face of uncertainty… this ‘living in the forever now moment’ is also characteristic of how many people would describe the pre-requisites of physical immortality.

This ability to live joyfully in a space of great freedom and uncertainty also seems to be a common thread amongst many great ‘improvisational’ artists of every genre: comics… improvisational jazz and rock musicians and singers … abstract expressionist painters… freestyle and interpretive dancers… and so forth.

Lately I’ve been exploring and posting Youtube videos of all kinds of improvisational artists because their works inspire and delight me, and apparently do the same for some of my friends. Many of these videos feature artists I’ve been in love with for a long time… some for as many as 50 years! If you look at some of the videos I’ve posted over the past several days, you’ll notice that many of them have one characteristic in common: the artists while performing are TOTALLY in what I call “the forever now moment”.

Indeed, the ‘forever now moment’ is the space in which ALL great art is made or played … and probably the ‘zone’ in which all great sports performances are carried out.

And this ‘zone’ or this state of ‘blissdom’ is ‘contageous’.

That’s one of the reasons we are drawn to watching performances of artists and athletes…. whether they are ‘live’ or recorded.

Watching or listening to these artists is the wonderful experience because as we are drawn into and RESONATE with THEIR ‘forever now moment’, we are ALSO experiencing a ‘forever now moment’ ourselves.

Not only do most people enjoy ‘resonating’ with the joy and expression of great freedom which great artists and athletes seem to exude, but when attending a live performance, they also experience a ‘euphoria held in common’… often laughing and applauding and weeping in unison.

It’s THIS ‘euphoria’… this ‘bliss’… which is the ‘connecting thread’, so to speak, between all people’s of the world… and it is the joyous freedom of creativity… and publicly exhibited ‘improvisational performances’ in particular… which, by allowing us to ‘resonate with their bliss’… has the potential to heal and unite us all.”

Jacqueline Corbett

Another wonderful share from Jacqueline was a response to a post about the psychology of possibility – an except from Ellen Langers book ‘Counterclockwise’ –
Jacqueline said – “Interesting and thought provoking.
It brings to mind one of the ‘funnest’ things that I do is go on ‘manifesting’ excursions… to my favorite shopping place… the Goodwill ‘outlet’ stores… where every conceivable type of goods is delivered ‘fresh’ throughout the day… in large blue plastic ‘bins’ on wheels. For me, it’s magic… because I NEVER go looking for anything in particular… but ALWAYS go just being ‘open’ to ‘something totally wonderful/amazing showing up. And it always does. Over the years, it’s gotten better and better… with part of that, I’m sure, being the level of ‘certainty’ I’ve slowly built up with each ‘success’.

And out of this exercise I’ve built a business on eBay and Amazon which I do when I need cash…. an amazing wardrobe and gifts for friends… an awesome library of books and collection of near mint LP’s in covering every genre…. and as a ‘savings account’… an inventory of items that typically sell for an average of 10x what I paid…. plus fabrics and objects to be turned into collages, jewelry, repurposed ‘art to wear’… and all sorts of other ‘possibilities’.

It’s gotten so that I totally trust the Universe to ‘provide’… and it’s become a ‘dialogue’ of sorts between me and the Universe. Sometimes I’m amazed by the ‘runs’ which occur… where ‘resonance’ seems to play an amazing part in what shows up in terms of color and certain ‘tonal’ similarities. I’m going to take a photo of a part of my last trip there… as I was amazed by the ‘resonance’ of what showed up in a quick 5 minute walk-through of the main retail store… not even bothering to look through any of the shelves or racks.

By the same token, I’ve known many people who can’t tolerate the kind of ‘chaos’ that this kind of totally unorganized and random rummage sale/flea market atmosphere … which is precisely what makes it so fascinating to me and other ‘fellow pickers’. And there are some I know who come there looking for a very specific type of item… and often walk away disappointed… saying ‘there’s nothing there’.

One important factor for me is that over the years I’ve learned a couple of things 1) that there’s an ENDLESS supply of ‘wonderful stuff’ that will show up… which allows me to 2) be very very picky about what I end up buying. At the end of my shopping excursion, I will spend quite a bit of time going through my cart-full of stuff… and tossing back at least half of what I’ve picked ‘for consideration’ at the slightest hint of ‘doubt’.

I am certain that by being increasingly ‘picky’ that I have created a scenario where my CHOICES become better and better as well. A very ‘subtle dialogue’ between me and the Universe!

I see this ‘exercise’ of mine as being a metaphor for life itself… very much in keeping with what Ellen Langer has written about.

It’s trained me to ‘expect only the best’, for one…. and to know that ANYTHING is possible! I don’t even need to know what the ‘choices’ are gong to be… for I totally do trust the Universe to deliver!

This is a trust that spills over into every other aspect of living.

It’s taught me to be totally honest and realistic in the choices I make — with ever increasing clarity.

Self-honesty, then, becomes an important part of this exercise.

This honesty … i.e. being ‘impeccable with your word…. and not being willing to settle for anything less than the best…. spills over into many other aspects of living. In fact, nothing is more important in manifesting of all kinds is being able to totally a) trust the Universe and b) trust yourself… when it comes to delivering things like ‘instant healings’ and good health.'”
Jacqueline Corbett


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