Posted by: physicalimmortalitythemasspossibility | January 20, 2013

PEACE…a mini tale Dr Janni Lloyd

At the junction of the highway and the railway line sat a veteran car. The two boys had been gathering coal along the line when they saw it in the distance. Steam trains had not travelled along this country line for a century or so…… and now the old car. Had they gone through a portal in time!.. the understanding came to both of them simultaneously…

The dawning of the year 2090 had been only a few weeks ago. And it had dawned in the most glorious way. All weaponry had been gathered by the United Nations and been dematerialised. All the people of the world had voted and decided that they were obsolete. Peace was the only reality that the planet earth now embraced.

The boys raced towards the old car. As they drew closer they saw that it was occupied by a man and women. Their clothing seemed to be from around the late 19th century, so it was a very early automobile.
The boys could feel the emotional tension between the man and woman. Both of the boys had now perfected their telepathic skills although Ben still relied a little on the electronic enhancer, playfully named ‘Eavesdrop Neural’. Truth was the way on planet earth in 2090, so the idea that anyone had thoughts that required ‘hiding’ belonged to the distant past.

The woman in the car was feeling sad and unfulfilled. She had a passion for history and deep within her heart she wanted to be a teacher. She loved her two children but now they were eight and six, they required her less. She wished she had the courage to share her dream with her husband. She felt he wouldnt understand. Her health had been deteriorating lately. Although she didnt realise the connection, the boys did.
The man felt frustrated. He realised his wife was unhappy and he felt he must not be giving her enough. He decided he would work extra hours to provide more money….surely that was it… she just needed more money for clothes and to decorate the house…
The boys hearts ached for them and for their inability to communicate their thoughts and feelings with one another. How humanity had suffered. Only by communicating honestly and trusting life and love had humanity reached the peace they now had.
The boys sent the couple their deepest love… instantly they were back in 2090. What a story of the evolution of communication between people they could now share….



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