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Robert Coon and Physical Immortality

‘Physical Immortality is the natural state of being when you are totally alive in the present instant. All dualities are eliminated. The duality of matter and spirit disappears, consumed by deep and passionate fires of love for life on this earth. All matter is sacred….
As we enter the new century, we have the opportunity to create the world’s first truly global culture. Every regional culture has its own gifts to contribute to this new civilization. Immortalists embrace all aspects of life, and appreciate uniqueness and diversity, wherever it is experienced. Physical Immortality, when fully understood, is an ideal point of view upon which to base your life, if you want to be happy and healthy in this rapidly changing world. Physical Immortality appreciates all things and rejects nothing. The number of immortalists will naturally grow, as the new global culture evolves….’
Robert Coon ‘The Path of the Phoenix’

‘Don’t let society with it’s customs and its habits, entrap you within the illusions associated with time. Use the natural rhythms of time to enter the timeless.. Every Immortal is still able to enjoy the changing of the seasons or the magick of the full moon. Just remember that these experiences of life, like all experiences,, are opportunities to deepen your Eternal Life, your wisdom and your love. The Universe is Immortal and is expressing this quality in every aspect of its being, in all locations, in every instant of the eternal now.

Immortality is the art of connecting with the eternal nature of the universe in all our individual experiences. There is simplicity in this. Only the present instant exists. Reach out and touch eternity.The Holy Grail is here now….Timelessness is present at all times…’

Robert Coon ‘ The Path of the Phoenix’

‘Open your heart to the widest dimensions possible. As you do this deepen your humility and courage every step of the way. Physical Immortality is the total purification of the heart. With wings of humility and courage, let love fly to the summit of every quest. Let the heart expand until the Holy Grail is revealed, and its waters are released.
Overcome gravity with laughter, enthusiasm and joy. Fuel the fire of praise within your heart so that all judgements are burnt up within its flames. Direct your praise so that it illuminates the Immortal presence in all things. Work with the energies of thanksgiving until its powers of multiplication are fully experienced. Physical Immortality is the absolute abundance of life. Joyous thanksgiving for all things, without exception, is a golden alchemical key to full experience of this eternal reality.
Seek the truth and trust in your own experience of life. Maintain a healthy scepticism and find the proof of physical immortality present within yourself. Let your every action embody the vibrancy of eternal laws. Immortal laws are living forms. Explore every law until you discover and marvel at the flow of life within its form. Laws connect life to greater life, and then transmit elixirs and ichors of magick to create beautiful and abundant change. Liberty is born through mastery of Immortal laws. Seek the truth, and the truth shall set you free.
Distil all experience until the energised wisdom of your distillation shines brightly through all time and space. Fathom the infinite possibilities contained within every instant of time. Dive deeply until you find the jewel contained within this day, within this hour, within this minute, within this second.
Create new pathways of Everlasting Life. Maintain the Immortal health of all things. With grace and beauty, harmoniously dissolve all illusions. Unite Love and True Will, and within this union, find compassion. There are many qualities and principles awaiting discovery upon the road of Everlasting Life. At all times, enjoy this great adventure.’
Robert Coon ‘ The Path of The Phoenix’

‘Deep – very deep – within the heart of matter there is perfect trust and dedication to Everlasting Life. At the instant of birth and the instant of conception, there is an instant of clear communication from microcosm through to macrocosm. Throughout a space of true superconductivity, the Word of Hermes is spoken and understood.
At this magick instant , ‘above’ and ‘below’ perfectly conspire to sabotage all hierarchies. ‘Within’ and ‘without’ – internal and external – smile at each other in complete recognition of the Immortal Truth. At the centre of every iota particle is an unbreakable devotion to Everlasting Life. An iota particle is defined as the smallest possible unit of matter. Each iota particle is a contradiction – a true unity, yet bi-polar. One pole could be called expansive, yang, male – the other pole contractive, yin, female. Eternally, there is a free interchange of devotion to Immortal Life being generated. This devotion is absolute and omnipresent throughout all things.’
Robert Coon ‘ The Path of the Phoenix’

‘Trust in the presence of the Immortal Word within you. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. This internal realm is your agenda for perfection – your blueprint for physical immortality. Be true to your Immortal Self. If you trust your own Immortal interior heaven, then the structural wheels spin and the jackpot comes up – everything begins to fit into place…’
Robert Coon’ The Path of the Phoenix’

Magick is the art of creating change that is a pure expression of the True Will. It is the nature of the True Will to perpetually transform and regenerate the universe. For many, this Will operates in ways hidden from awareness. When the magickian illuminates his or her highest purpose, then the barrier between dream and reality, between oblivion and revelation , is permanently removed. The so – called subconscious realm is eliminated. This is hard for the psychologist to understand. It is important to differentiate between the Will and the mind. The Magick of the Will operates as alchemical fire, understanding is in the mind, and is symbolised by alchemical air. … Every individual has an infinite cosmos of magick within his or her being. This is reflected in the ancient statement: ‘The Kingdom of Heaven is within you’. Heaven is the mathematical sum of all true Magicks. The totality of magick is the realm of everlasting life…..
Magick seeks to unite the highest Purpose with Love, in a heart that is utterly open, humble, courageous and liberated from fear. Love is a gift that allows the universe to accomplish its purpose. Love is a food that enables the True Will to manifest itself completely. With Love, the Word is made Immortal Flesh. Nourished by love, the True Will maintains perfect health and growth at all times. Find the Holy Grail and pour out its infinite contents upon the aspirations of all beings and beautiful possibilities throughout every space and every time…

Robert Coon ‘The Path of the Phoenix’


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