Posted by: physicalimmortalitythemasspossibility | July 16, 2013

Psychology of LIFE …Dr Janni Lloyd

Because humanity had the mass belief that ‘physical death was inevitable’, people bought into a thoughtform and emotion construct that the physical body was born with a ‘design fault’!

They concluded deep within the psyche that if the physical body must die at some point – that a ‘use by date’ is reached– then there must be a ‘design fault’ that makes one vulnerable to ‘attack’ and just about everything else!
At an emotional level, the effects of the ‘design fault’ belief are even more devastating – such as ‘I am so unworthy, so I was given this affliction’ and ‘I must be guilty of something just for being me, otherwise I wouldn’t be sentenced to death’ and ‘It’s dangerous to be me’ etc etc . Difficult for people to feel lighthearted with these deep programs running.

Claim your ‘divine warranty’ Now…. IT”S SAFE to BE…
Eternal health is your Birthright…
Physical death has become optional. A paradigm shift from the old flat earth belief ie physical death is inevitable to the round earth belief ie physical death is a choice, is unfolding….


“THE FUN WAY OF PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY PHILOSOPHY’ Dr Janni Lloyd now available at as a printed and an eBook


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