Posted by: physicalimmortalitythemasspossibility | July 31, 2013

Beyond polarity psychology /consciousness to the new game of LIFE

This awakening for humanity is a very interesting one – and it brings up many
emotions. On the ‘physical death is inevitable path’, we have been
psychologically and emotionally immersed in a polarised reality –
yin – yang, right – wrong, black – white, light – dark, right brain – left
brain, rational/logical – creative/emotional ………. and so it goes on. As
children we were taught that one aspect would be ‘right’ for us and be safe but
the other aspect would be unsafe ie we would not survive if we embraced that part.
The polarity we declared UNSAFE then became our ‘shadow’ .

With physical immortality philosophy, we embrace ‘all parts of self’ and move
out of a polarised reality. Embracing the ‘shadow’ does take courage, as our
child – self has been taught to fear it. It requires parenting our inner child
in a new way.
We move into Unity psychology and consciousness.

Someone asked me recently – Is not life a projection?? Projection as spoken of by Freud.

What I see / feel is that life is a projection – a game – and we are also immersed in the game, playing it.

If we call the ‘physical death is inevitable’ game, basketball, those that have awoken to ‘physical death is a choice’ are now perceiving another game , that is still basketball however played in a kinder, gentler and non punishing way.
An important point is that although perception of a different game is visible we are still immersed in playing one game or other in every moment.

We are still newbies at the new LIFE game 🙂

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