Posted by: physicalimmortalitythemasspossibility | August 20, 2013

Physical Immortality philosophy – a new game for humanity?

I love variety….. My feeling is that reincarnation was the ‘horse and cart’ way of reinventing self and physical immortality philosophy is the ‘automobile’.
The following two excerpts from my writings explain some of the advantages I feel physical immortality philosophy has over reincarnation –
The divine is ‘All that is’ ie infinite possibility. Our healthy ‘little self’ chooses the 3D reality it wants to experience out of infinite possibility. We would not have an earth experience without it. My feeling is it’s the belief in physical death that has created unhealthy ‘little self’ behaviours ie those that are disconnected from the WHOLE of humanity. The ‘little self’ has been made to live with a belief that at any time ‘physical death’ could ‘strike it down’ – this creates a lot of survival behaviour – eg jealousy, scarcity, fear etc.. Even the awakening to our divine connection does not take away that fear within that reality construct. The understanding of our immortal SPIRITUAL nature still does not make ageing, and the physical death process palpatable. The divine does not want us to feel like victims – haven’t we played the physical death game for long enough? We are equal co-creators with the divine – we can live in harmony with each other – survival thinking and behaviour slowly exits when we know ‘we are the only ones who can take our physical lives away’.
Many times over the last 21 years people have asked me ‘Why would you want to live for hundreds of years and choose to bypass death?
I have answered that I love life, I love the earth and want to explore every part of it, I love people with all their interesting differences and sometimes funny quirks, I love and honour the wisdom and magnificence of my physical body and I love seeing and learning and experiencing new things. I’m aware of the divine matrix and other dimensions of reality however I’m quite happy to be here on this earth in this body NOW and feel after I’ve been here for several hundred years if it unfolds the way I am hoping, after that time I may choose to teleport to some of those other dimensions – once I’ve learnt that skill or we have created a machine to facilitate that. I love creating new things, meeting new people, feeling my emotions – sometimes joy and sometimes sadness . This earth is a beautiful playground that I sooo love.
James A Sinclair in his directors comment from the movie ‘What if?’ had this to say ‘ I think physical immortality is such an interesting topic because it really puts us back into the NOW. You know, if we are waiting for death and we think something is going to be better, then we spend most of our life preparing to die and getting to a place ,heaven or whatever. But what if heaven is within us and it’s a state of consciousness and when we realise that, perhaps our bodies will pick up on that realisation which they will and perhaps we have the choice to stay in the body as long as we want, we can live for thousands of years.
And if you are living in joy and in peace and in abundance and life is unfolding in a new and interesting way every day, why would anyone want to die?’

The earth is a divine playground – are we ready for a new game ?


The Fun Way of Physical Immortality Philosophy’ Dr Janni Lloyd Book and eBook available at


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