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Spirituality and Physical Immortality Philosophy – Dr Janni Lloyd

The philosophy of Physical Immortality is one of living from an open, loving heart; being focused in the now, creating much joy, abundance and freedom. Throughout spiritual literature Immortals are reported to be able to dematerialise and rematerialise their bodies at will, teleport from place to place and manifest whatever material requirement they have from “thin air”. They have perfected Liberty and can move from dimension to dimension taking their physical body with them.

Most of the major religions, if one delves deeply enough, contain evidence of a physically immortal impulse. The Judaic – Christian religion claims the following Immortals – Enoch, Elijah, Melchizedek, Moses, Jesus, Mary and John the Disciple. Robert Coon’s excellent book “Physical Immortality: History, Theory and Techniques” gives us further insights – “Enoch is considered the oldest physically immortal being in our western tradition. His bodily translation is mentioned in Genesis and in Hebrews in the New Testament … after becoming familiar with Immortalist concepts – study the gospel of John in the New Testament, concise statements about Physical Immortality leap forth from almost every chapter. Consider these lines from chapter 8: Know the truth and the truth will set you free! I tell to you the Truth, if a man keeps my teachings, he will never see death. … Elijah is the most prominent Immortal in Jewish Esoteric traditions, there are many reports of him materialising in the flesh to devout Hassidic Rabi’s in Eastern Europe. All Master’s of Cabala claim to have mastered their art from face – to – face meetings with Elijah. True Cabala is always an oral tradition passed from Immortal to student … In contemporary Christian Esoteric thought, there is a strong tradition which says that there is an inner church descending from John which preserves the truth of Physical Immortality. When this inner church re-unites with the outer lineage descending from Peter and Paul, then Christ’s true teachings on Everlasting Life will be understood and welcomed by the world!”.

The Taoist Religion, founded by the Immortal Lao Tzu, claims many Immortals. According to Robert Coon the T’u shu chi ch’eng, a general encyclopaedia published in 1726, contains the biographies of over 1000 Immortals.

The Mormon religion speaks of the 3 Nephi Immortals. In the Book of Mormon Nephi – Chapter 28 – there is a story of Jesus asking the 12 Disciples he had in the America’s what they would like from him before he leaves. Three of them want Physical Immortality, Jesus says “Therefore, more blessed are ye, for ye shall never taste of death”. The story goes on to say of the three Nephi that – “they were cast into the prison by them who did not belong to the church. And the prisons could not hold them, for they were rent in twain … and thrice they were cast into a furnace and received no harm. And twice they were cast into a den of wild beasts; and behold they did play with the beasts as a child with a suckling lamb, and received no harm …”.

Carl Jung studied many spiritual traditions to assist with his understanding of the human psyche. The following is a very interesting quote from Ruth Snowden’s ‘Jung – The Key Ideas’

‘Alchemy was very popular during medieval times, and was practised until the end of the seventeenth century and beyond, but its roots stretch back much further into history, at least as far back as ancient Eygpt. The best known aspect of alchemy is the idea of trying to turn base metal into gold, but in fact there was a lot more to it than that. The ultimate goal was an inner transformation of the alchemist’s psyche, and it was this aspect that interested Jung the most. He saw alchemy as bridging the frustrating gap between ancient Gnosticism and modern sciences such as chemistry and the psychology of the unconscious. Alchemical thought coincided in surprising ways with his own ideas about the unconscious – it looked at the problem of matter, as well as the union of opposites such as male and female, God and man….

Jung was intrigued to find alchemical imagery cropping up in the dreams of patients who were going through the individuation process. He studied the alchemical process and found that it went through a series of stages, each one of which could also represent a stage in the development of the maturing psyche:

– Nigredo or ‘blackness’. This is the first stage, where the alchemist heats material up and it goes black. This represents the first stage of individuation, where the person begins to break down the barriers between conscious and unconscious. This stage is often accompanied by depression – the ‘dark night of the soul’… as the person begins to face the inner darkness of the shadow.

-Albedo or ‘whiteness’. This is the next stage, when white flecks appear in the mixture, which eventually crystallizes as a white stone. This represents the gradual cleansing of the psyche as the inner darkness is faced. People often confront and converse with archetypes at this stage…

-Rubedo or ‘redness’.This is the final stage, when mercury is added to the white stone, which goes green then red. This process represents the union of opposites and the result – called ELIXIR VITAE( the ELIXIR OF LIFE) – can bring long life or even IMMORTALITY. It is represented symbolically by a winged hermaphrodite figure or a rose. This stage represents the final stage of analysis – the resolution of psychic conflicts and the balancing of opposites. Jung remarked that much of his work was concerned with this type of balancing process.’

The Japanese Shinto prophet Munetada has these teachings about Physical Immortality – “When the heart of the Divine and the heart of man are One, this is Eternal Life, then there is no such thing as death. If you foster a spirit that regards both good and evil as blessings, then the body spontaneously becomes healthy. In Truth the Way is easy. He who spends his day in thankfulness grows neither old nor weary. He knows only Joy and Happiness. Oh the Joy of those who take the teaching of the Way of the Gods; for them there is neither youth nor age. If the heart is open, then there is no such thing as pain. Thus one will find only happiness and thankfulness in all things”.

Many other areas of spiritual wisdom are explored in Robert Coon’s book “Physical Immortality; History, Theory and Techniques”.
“Immortal’s make no apologies for being absolutely in love with Life! …. Immortal philosophy and experience unites the Creator and the Creation into One, Divine Whole. The body is experienced as the most sacred temple of truth which is destined never to be destroyed. All matter is sacred, alive and Divine…’ Robert Coon

With Physical Immortality philosophy we are moving from the Spiritual Law of Karma to the Law of Grace.

Law of Karma >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Law of Grace





The Law of Karma – “As we sow so shall we reap”, “An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth”. This law of cause and effect has created much hatred, resentment and retribution which has led to pain, suffering and death. By using the energies of forgiveness/gratitude, praise and love we transcend the Karmic Law and move into a State of Grace.

We are cosmic script writers – with Karma we create murder mysteries, war and horror movies, soap opera’s and emotional dramas of the highest order. With Grace – romantic comedies, enchantment movies, travel adventures and musicals become popular. Review your own cosmic script, maybe it needs a rewrite!

Praise, Love and Gratitude are very powerful qualities to embrace. They will move you from Karma to Grace. Praise the Divine in all things. Robert Coon in his book “The Science of Everlasting Life” says – “Praise is a fiery energy that purifies. Cultivate an enthusiastic spiritual fire within and bathe and anoint all creation with this cleansing flame. Praise glorifies the Creation and reveals the Immortal presence of the Creator”.

Unconditional love of self and all others allows freedom of expression. Once we love every aspect of ourselves unconditionally we automatically love others unconditionally.

Gratitude is very powerful for moving from Karma to Grace. Robert Coon in his book “Voyage to Avalon” has this to say – “As you explore the subterranean recesses of the heart, let the lamp of joyous gratitude light thy way … often you experience the same Karmic event time after time until you react with gratitude – only then do you make the evolutionary jump to new dimensions of life. The Law of Grace is far more powerful than the Law of Karma …. “.

Gratitude multiplies blessings. Start using gratitude for the good things in your life, see your focus change and the blessings in your life increase. Gratitude allows you to see the cup half full, not half empty.

For the situations that are causing difficulty, use the “Gratitude Bubble”,

1) Spend a couple of minutes being grateful from the heart for your blessings.
2) Visualise the difficult situation or person, bring it into your heart if possible.
3) Say or think “Thanks for this situation. I now choose a new perception and for the gift to be revealed”.
When you commence the “Gratitude Bubble” exercise you will probably not be able to have genuine gratitude radiating from your heart about the difficulty. However, all you need is a willingness to be grateful – the more you do it, the more the understanding will come and you will start to feel true gratitude. The situation will shift and the gift will be revealed.

Forgiveness is a stepping stone to gratitude. When we become aware that every event in our lives is giving us valuable lessons and insights, we realise there is nothing to forgive. We learn to take responsibility for drawing certain events to ourselves. We, also, realise that we can learn through JOY and no longer need to learn through pain and suffering.



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