Posted by: physicalimmortalitythemasspossibility | January 27, 2014

Perceptions of ‘reality’

‘If you go walking through the woods on a warm autumn day, feeling the fallen oak leaves under your feet, smelling the ripe, dank earth and watching the October light as it plays in the branches overhead, you are experiencing the world through your DNA. It imposes a definite selection on things. You are not smelling the argon and xenon gases in the air or seeing the sun’s ultraviolet emissions. You can walk through leaves but not through the wood of the trees. The incredible complexity of green moss registers on your mind as a patch of fuzz and of the pollen, spores, bacteria, viruses and other microbes that fill the air by the hundreds in every cubic centimetre, you register nothing. The reason for this special focus resides in you. Those are humanised leaves, trees, smells and light.
If your senses were refined enough , you would go even further and realise that you are the woods. It is not just sending signals to you from ‘out there’; rather, you are blending your own signals with its. None of your sense organs is separated from nature’s continuum. your eye is a specialised light receptor that merges into the light it perceives. If the light failed, your eye would atrophy as surely as the bling cave – fish’s eye, if your eyes structure changed – for example, if each eye swiveled independently, like a chameleon’s – every object would acquire completely different relations in space. That would be your experience, and nothing in the relative world exists outside of experience.
A bee approaching a flower sees the nectar and blocks out the petals – as far as the bee’s eye is concerned, this is what exists. For us to see a bar magnet means seeing the sharp outline of the iron bar not the radiating magnetic field around it. Therefore the iron is what exists, as far as vision goes. Add in all the other senses, and you have the world that you are creating. It was built up over 600 million years by your DNA: ultimately, however, this world expresses your inner intelligence, with DNA the adroit servant. It serves you in your way, as it serves other creatures in theirs.
DNA turns the vibrations of light into eyes and sound into ears. It turns time into a mating song for fruit flies and into the march of history for man. It gives bats their sonar and snakes their sensitivity to infrared light. In each and every case, however, the DNA is merely the radio. One will never discover the secret of space – time looking at DNA, or any other material thing. The attempt is just as doomed as tearing apart a radio’s wiring to find where the music is… ‘

Deepak Chopra ‘Quantum healing’


Dr Janni Lloyd uses a wonderful blend of psychology, spirituality, science and alternative / complimentary medicine to make this new paradigm visible. And its FUN…..
‘The Physical Immortality Philosophy script is ‘Life IS meant to be easy’. Cruising along the river of your heart’s desire, changing course with ease from one life affirming adventure to the next.
Party time! And when you think party, you think music, colour, dance, food and loving friends—the ingredients in the following chapters.
So put on your Party clothes for the celebration of your LIFE!’


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