Posted by: physicalimmortalitythemasspossibility | March 5, 2014

‘Human Destiny is to Eliminate Death’….quotes

‘…humanity has never known the definition of impossible. There have always been pioneers and supporting cast among us that have lived outside of the box and continuously pioneered the horizons as though they were boundary – less.
Low and behold we continue to progress, building and opening up a greater and grander future for ourselves.
It springs forth from our spirit, we do not give up. Whether we know it or not, we all have the movement for indefinite life extensions premise within us…’
“We owe pursuit of Indefinite Life Extension to our ancestors’ Eric Schulke

‘Buddhism strongly advocates enlightenment; more enlightenment should be possible the longer one lives. In time, I conjecture, such enlightenment will lead to a recognition of the individual person as a coherent concept and something whose continued existence is to be valued and sought’
R. Michael Perry ‘Deconstructing deathism and answering objections to Immortality’

Peace = (physical) Immortality
Hank Pellissier

All quotes from ‘Human Destiny is to Eliminate Death’


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