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Interesting quote about Maslow – moving beyond duality psychology into Unity psychology / consciousness – Also, ‘New Thought Movement’ and Physical Immortality

“…[Michael] Murphy also remembers Maslow talking about [such] a Fifth Force toward the very end of his life: `You know what I mean` he would say. But Murphy didn’t. Later, however, he would read Maslow’s Fifth Force as an imagined future psychology that could join the self-actualization of the individual human being with a kind of cosmic actualization of the universe. In other words, very much like Carl Rogers, another Esalen seminar leader who moved closer and closer to an explicitly unitive worldview toward the end of his life, Abraham Maslow was migrating away from his life-long commitment to atheism toward a type of American nature mysticism that was `centered in the cosmos rather than in human needs and interest, going beyond humanness, identity, self-actualization, and the like`. For Maslow, such a Fourth or Fifth Force could only be naturalistic, empirical, democratic, and unchurched, very much in line with his American visionary heroes, themselves all self-actualized in his own mind: David Henry Thoreau, Walt Whitman, William James, and John Dewey.
Abraham Maslow’s final enlightenment, it turns out, was an American religion of no religion.”

“Esalen: America and the Religion of No Religion” by Jeffrey J. Kripal. 2007

‘The ‘new thought movement’ – this modern stream began in America in the 19th century with Emerson and Thoreau. Developing the idea that we are what we think, this movement quickly produced Immortalist philosophers. Charles Fillmore, founder of the Unity Church, has influenced almost every teacher of Immortality in the West (last) century. …
In England, Judge Thomas Troward made important contributions to Immortal thought in his various books….
Mastery of Creative Thought is but one element in the overcoming of death. Strength and clarity of Will, and enthusiasm and passion for Life, and consecration of creative energy to the highest aspect of the Divine are all more important. New Thought does attempt to teach all these aspects but the method of teaching almost always remains on the mental level of thought and word. Effective physical immortality always works from the level and foundation of the Open Heart. ‘
Robert Coon ‘The Path of the Phoenix’


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