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Robert Coon ‘The Rainbow Serpent and the Holy Grail’

‘The ancient Aboriginal culture built no cathedrals and wrote no books. All of their essential laws and spiritual concepts are found in the landscape. Primal creation is pure and is based on universal laws. To enter into Dreamtime is to be in direct contact with the creative force. As creation is continual, we must learn how to make our contact with Creation Time continual , In every instant of the present, life is recreating itself into something new. Open the way. May the full creative force of Dreamtime always take delight in the infinite possibilities which exist within this Eternal Now.
There is an ancient ascension story connected with the path of the Rainbow Serpent from Dampier Land to Uluru ( Ayers Rock). The Wad Gudjara were two men who traveled this path. They had a special boomerang which had the essence of the Tree of Life in it. As they went, they initiated people into art, song and dance. When they arrived at the cardinal solar plexus area ie Uluru, they ascended or immortalised.
In some versions , the Pleiades is an ascension story. Sisters come from the west of Australia, and arrive at some point in the east, where they ascend. In the words of the Aboriginal poet , Lorraine Mafi – Williams –
They danced in the wind for everlasting life.
They danced the dreaming alive….
– from Mimi Dancers ‘
Robert Coon ‘The Rainbow Serpent and the Holy Grail’

Robert Coon has done much research on the aboriginal culture and has written a wonderful book called ‘The Rainbow Serpent and the Holy Grail’. He writes ‘In David Uniapons story of Narroondarie, he says that others have ascended. He says that Nabulle, Whyougarrie, Jeeveelong, and Munjungie are also physically immortal…….. When the wise man Utnadata spoke with T.G.H Strehlow in 1949, he expressed deep emotions of regret that the art of physical immortal life had been largely forgotten by the aboriginal people. What remains is a universal awareness that physical death is not part of the will of the earth or the dreamtime ancestors.’


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