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Natures Playground and Physical Immortality philosophy

Whoosh, water splashed and sploshed…..
The dolphin calf belly-flopped back into the water. His mother chuckled to herself as she watched the awkward attempts he made to emulate the graceful leaps he saw her perform. She was well known among the pod for her proficiency. Just the other day they had been putting on a show for a boatful of humans. The people gasped loudly and pointed when it was her turn. She loved to entertain them – humans seemed to make life so serious sometimes. Of course, she didn’t know what it was like to be a human…………
Just a few moments after that thought, the mother dolphin and calf dove deeply into a wave, as she surfaced she noticed a human hand stretched out before her and then another ‘Oh……My…..she breathed and examined herself – she was human! She quickly looked for her calf and there at her side was a sweet, giggling human toddler – black hair, blue eyes and the biggest dolphin-like grin ever – full of mirth as he attempted to co-ordinate his new appendages………
If these two dolphins/humans walked into your life – what games would you play? What would they teach you? What would you teach them?
I feel that one of the many teachings these dolphins would convey is appreciation for this wondrous planet Earth. Natures‘ beauty leaves one in awe. I write these words having just returned from a magical walk along the beach, paddling in the ocean and creating wet, sandy pies with my feet…….whilst singing into the wind.
I have had some wonderful encounters with dolphins. One of the most memorable was at Monkey Mia in Western Australia. Every day there,dolphins come in and interact with people. Monkey Mia is on a peninsula – on that occasion we saw the sun rise over the ocean and set over the ocean – magical. I was very blessed on that same visit to experience deep eye contact with a dolphin who had come into the shallow water of the shoreline. The feeling of deep peace and connection I experienced is still vivid within me even though it was 16 years ago. On a more recent visit, I read part of the Visitors Book. People from all over the world have taken the time to write about their delight and often deep emotions when connecting with these amazing creatures.
Olivia de Bergerac in her book ‘The Dolphin Within‘ describes her experiences taking groups of people for swims with dolphins. She did EEG traces with groups before and after the swims. She found that the majority of people went to an alpha wave state. This is the brain wave pattern people reach during Meditation. Many people have reported healing from depressive states with dolphin swims.
Dolphins seem to exude joy and playfulness. I‘m sure the dolphin shape shifters from our story would be the ]life‘ of any party!
Now, what can we share with them? Well, although they live in the beautiful marine environment, they don‘t get to see the magical landscapes of the continents. Robert Coon has written a book ‘The Rainbow Serpent and the Holy Grail‘ which details his Earth Chakra System and Physical Immortality philosophy. Robert speaks of Mount Shasta in California, U.S.A. being the centre of the Base chakra of planet Earth, Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, South America, the centre of the sexual/sacral chakra, Uluru in Central Australia, the centre of the solar plexus chakra, Glastonbury in South England, the centre of the heart chakra and also currently, the mobile third eye chakra, the Great Pyramid in Egypt, the centre of the throat chakra and Mount Kailas in Tibet the centre of the crown chakra. All of these areas are scenically magnificent. Many of them have been deemed special and sacred places in nature by our ancestors for millennia. I have experienced the depth and richness of the energy in a few of these locations – sublime indeed.

If you travel and holiday in these places, take some time to sit on the earth and listen to its song. Receive from the Earth with joy and then energize it with love, gratitude and praise emanating from your heart. Share your song with the Earth, in whatever form that expression takes. Be spontaneous…… be grateful.
Now, put this book down and go find a spot in nature. It may be in your private garden or a nearby park. Receive and give to the earth in the way I described above. The earth in ‘your backyard‘ is as magnificent as any other place. Be grateful….in this NOW moment….for your special and unique place on this special and unique planet….

‘The Fun Way of Physical Immortality Philosophy’ Dr Janni Lloyd


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