Posted by: physicalimmortalitythemasspossibility | July 23, 2014

Physical Immortality / Indefinite Life Extension – some other interesting approaches

Laura Deming’s story and passion for physical immortality 🙂

‘We are changing the way living things relate to time…’
Laura Deming

Dmitry Itskov
“Sometimes the way people live makes me think that they’re just following programs,” he says. “We should try to look for the opportunity to develop spiritually.”
Itskov is preparing for eternal life by training himself to attain a higher state of consciousness, and he gives the impression of someone who considers his body only insofar as it hinders or helps his mental pursuits. He spends several hours a day meditating, doing yoga or engaged in breathing exercises, all part of a spiritual practice he says helps him “discover some different states of my consciousness.”

Sonia Arrison


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