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Colour your LIFE…. Physical Immortality Philosophy and Aura Soma

Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Matter in ecstatic union, the Rainbow Bridge complete….
This is a piece I wrote when I was working as an Aura Soma Colour therapist –
Physical Immortality Philosophy and Aura-Soma
I feel physical immortality occurs when the cellular vibratory or energy level of the physical body is raised beyond sickness and death. Spirit and matter become a liberated whole. The physical body becomes ageless. It can move between dimensions if desired and learn to teleport.
Immortals love life – joyous, abundant, liberated life!
Aura-Soma combined with an openness to physical immortality is a rainbow bridge to this glorious reality. The entire Aura-Soma system is a valuable tool to raise one’s energy level and consciousness. I’m going to highlight here links to physical immortality that have been obvious and important to me. Clearly we must begin with clear! Clear is about karmic absolution, moving into a state of grace. Immortals live in a state of grace, embracing the three qualities of praise, love and gratitude – praising the Divine in all things, unconditional love of all life and gratitude for every little thing. Clear is about an innocent heart released from pain and suffering. Physical immortality is a state beyond pain, suffering, sickness and death. To quote from Revelations in the Bible – ‘Sickness and death shall be no more”.
Turquoise/Green – the open loving heart is the way of physical immortality – the achievement of the ‘Holy Grail”. Finding and following one’s truth and direction, the way of the heart, is one’s individual Holy Grail. The beautiful dolphin / turquoise energy of ease, joy, fun, flow and creativity is a wonderful description of immortal life. The Grail waters flowing unimpeded by emotional baggage – totally renewed. According to the immortalist writer, Robert Coon, the centre of the heart chakra of the earth is Glastonbury Tor in England. Many Grail legends surround Glastonbury – the energy of the Chalice Well holy water from Glastonbury is included in every Aura-Soma bottle
Of course, all of the colours have important contributions to make. More will be mentioned in the following section on individual Bottles.
Bottle 20 – The Star Child – Blue/Pink – The balance of the male-yang/yin-female – very important for physical immortality. Immortalists also have large amounts of child-like wonder and enthusiasm. They live fully in each now moment. No past glories or regrets hold their energy.
Bottle 27 Red/Green – Robin Hood – Infectious enthusiasm for life – Need I say more!
Bottle 23 – Rose Pink/Pink. Robert Coon and other immortalist writers believe that 23 is the number of physical immortality. It is a powerful Aura-Soma bottle, full of deep nurturing and unconditional love – the feminine energy honoured and glorified.
Bottle 55 – Clear/Red – The Christ. Clarity within the base chakra, the Earth connection. The passion, vitality and enthusiasm needed for abundant life. The rainbow serpent embracing the Holy Grail. The resurrected, immortal body as exemplified by Jesus, the Christ. “Even the least among you can do all that I have done and even greater things”.
Bottle 56 – Lilac/Lilac – Saint Germain. Count St Germain, a famous and historically documented immortal. The Lilac flame of transmutation….
Bottle 60 – Blue/Clear – Lao Tsu and Kwan Yin. Also historically documented immortals – “Be still and know who you are”.
Bottle 100 – Clear/Deep Magenta – Archangel Metatron. To quote Robert Coon from his book, The Rainbow Serpent and the Holy Grail, “in the Cabala, there is an Archangel which can be invoked, associated with each sphere (of the Tree of Life). The great angel for Kether is Metatron. In Hebrew lore, Metatron is who you invoke if you want to learn about immortal life in the physical body. Legend says that Enoch did not die. As he was the first to ascend to this anti-entropic state, he didn’t have any human teachers to study with. Thus he invoked Metatron.”
The Quintessences are all powerful tools on the path. I will give special mention here to the Holy Grail and Solar Logos Quin and Orion and Angelica. The Holy Grail Quin is a powerful healer of the heart – so important for the immortal way. The Olive Green – leadership from the heart – the way of harmonising co-operation.
The Orion and Angelica Quin – always in the right place at the right time, synchronous abundant life. Sounds heavenly – the eternal now!
Thank you Aura-Soma.
Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Matter in ecstatic union, the Rainbow Bridge complete….

‘The Fun Way of Physical Immortality Philosophy’ Book and eBook, Dr Janni Lloyd – available at


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