Posted by: physicalimmortalitythemasspossibility | October 21, 2014

Dr Ed Park and Indefinite Life Extension

An excellent interview with Dr Ed Park. I like his description of the Immortal stem cells. He uses the word ‘youthening’ and the body ‘symphony’. And he has a ‘no limits’ approach.

‘IS IT POSSIBLE TO BE AGELESS ?’ eBook – Dr Janni Lloyd

‘Being Ageless….feel into that for a while….. It is a state of being that opens an infinite number of doors…
We are going to peep behind some of those doors in this eBook.
The idea for this book came from the extraordinary amount of interest that my article ‘Is it possible to be Ageless?’ always creates when I post it in Social Media. I realised that it would be of benefit to everyone if I to put together all my articles on this subject into one entity. Hence, this timeless book was birthed….May it’s life enhance your LIFE…. ‘


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