Posted by: physicalimmortalitythemasspossibility | February 20, 2015

Robert Coon and the True Will of Physical Immortality

“Externalise the heaven within your heart – and behold the earthly paradise. Perfect Balance is Perfect Change – Change freed from all limitations and illusions.

The Magick of the True Will
Creates a cornucopia of Change…
This Change is Stability
Behold the wild, abandoned dance
Of Perfect Equilibrium!
From this passionate embrace
Of Cosmic Adjustment and Liberty
The Child of Everlasting is born! ”

Robert Coon
“Secrets of Immortality – the Art of Everlasting Life’

“Your unique True Will is the bridge between the Ideal and the Real. As R.H Blyth….once said “Idealism is of all space, of the past and the future, realism is of this place and this present moment, the only really living thing” The Word is ideal, the Flesh is real. To make the Word Flesh is to manifest your True Will. Your purpose is Eternal and Immortal. It exists in a realm that has always been and shall ever be. The activities of this Will engage the realities of the Here and Now. To know your True Will is idealism, to do your True Will is realism. ”
Robert Coon
‘Secrets of Immortality – the Art of Everlasting Life’

“The Immortal Will is forever active in the universe. It is a goal of this eternal purpose to secure adjustment and freedom for all beings. Adjustment is the creation of justice, a state where all structural relationships in a culture nurture and support the efforts of all individuals to express their True Will. Where justice exists , liberty flourishes – and the opportunity for Everlasting Life becomes available to all who desire it.”

Robert Coon
‘Secrets of Immortality – the art of everlasting life’


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