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Chapter One of ‘The Fun Way of Physical Immortality Philosophy’

………. the conception of the ‘party of your life’……….. Close your eyes for a few minutes, take some deep breaths and transport yourself back to when you were a single cell……… that single cell had all your DNA /genetic material, it was your primordial stem cell……… it then divided into trillions of identical cells……… the awesome life intelligence that is you then orchestrated some of these cells to switch off certain parts of their DNA and become liver cells, brain cells, finger nail cells, skin cells, kidney cells and so on……… and then the life intelligence arranged them all in order for the baby YOU to grow………this miracle of life is beyond words……..wrap that baby you in a beautiful rainbow as it appears in the world………Now transport yourself to the you of TODAY, of this moment……….that awesome life intelligence is still within your body orchestrating your health.
The cells in your physical body are turned over regularly. Every molecule in your body is exchanged with the environment in about 18 months. Are these cells being regenerated to a blueprint and program of healthy, vital ongoing life? Or are they being replaced to the old program of decay, disease and ‘physical death is inevitable’?
Humanity is opening its heart to another choice. Perhaps it’s as simple as loving ourselves enough to allow the divine life intelligence within to orchestrate ongoing healthy life…….…
I spent 20 years studying and practicing western medicine. From that purely solid matter perspective, I know that your body is a miracle. The orchestration of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry required just to move your little finger is awe inspiring. You are a miracle becoming more miraculous the more we learn about the body. Check out a basic physiology and biochemistry book, learn about the miracle that is you. When you realise how miraculous your body already is, the unfoldment of Physical Immortality will become logical. For a body that creates wonders with every breath, nothing is impossible. Give thanks for your body on a daily basis – your life and health will be enhanced immeasurably.
Some very recent facts from science contribute to the knowing of ongoing vital healthy life.
STEM CELLS – These multi – potential cells have been found in most tissues of the adult body. They have the ability to specialize into every cell of the body and replace any that are malfunctioning. Neuronal stem cells have been found, so even neurons (brain cells) can be replaced.
GENES – Dr Bruce Lipton, cell biologist, reports in ‘What if?’ the documentary movie (by James A Sinclair) that in the area of Epigenetic research, they have found that epigenetic techniques – ie perceptional shift techniques – create 30,000 variations on each gene blueprint. He says that we are not victims of our genes – WE ARE THE PROGRAMMERS of our genes.
BRAIN CAPACITY – The following stats were reported in the book ‘The Brain that Changes itself ‘by Dr Norman Doidge. The human cortex alone has 30 billion neurons and is capable of making 1 million billion synaptic connections. Possible neural circuits 10 followed by at least a million zeros ………..for comparison, there are an estimated 10 followed by 79 zeros particles in the known universe……..
Now, let’s look at our body from the quantum physics perspective. In his book ‘Ageless Body, Timeless Mind’, Deepak Chopra describes this level – “Your body appears to be composed of solid matter that can be broken down into molecules and atoms, but quantum physics tells us that every atom is more than 99.9999% empty space, and the sub-atomic particles moving at lightning speed through this space are actually bundles of vibrating energy. These vibrations aren’t random and meaningless, however, they carry information … the essential stuff of the Universe, including your body, is non -stuff, but it isn’t ordinary non-stuff, its thinking non-stuff.’
I prefer to call it intelligent energy. So the body has moved from a solid object to a fluid river of energy. With this understanding, to me the body has become similar to a flow of potter’s clay, to be molded at will by the potter. Who’s the potter – your spiritual self, your mental self, your emotional self – perhaps all of the above? The divine life intelligence orchestrating to your programming??
Scientists say the quantum realm is full of quirkiness and uncertainty. One such quirk is that the vibrating energy/particle exists as a probability wave and depends on being observed to find its space/time position – the observer is an important part of the equation – what does this mean to our everyday reality? How much power do you have to shape your reality – a quote I once read springs to mind “The Universe rearranges itself to suit your version of reality”.
Many branches of alternative/complimentary medicine are based on vibrational energy similar to the description of energy within quantum physics. Many eastern countries and indigenous cultures knew of this reality long before western science. The ancient Rishis in India are reported to have known of sub-atomic particles many years before the birth of Christ. The chakra system from India, the acupuncture meridian system from China, colour therapy from the Egyptians and others, flower essences used by the Native American and Australian aboriginal peoples are all examples of vibrational energy medicine. These therapies seem to be manipulating energy at a quantum level. The contents within the following chapters will enable your understanding of this to deepen.
Physical Immortality philosophy understands and fuses body/mind/emotions/spirit into ONE whole. It is about living from an open loving heart, being focused in the now, creating much joy, abundance and freedom. Most of the major religions, if one delves deeply enough, contain evidence of a physically immortal impulse. Many areas of spiritual wisdom are explored in Robert Coon’s book ‘Physical Immortality — History Theory and Techniques’. Let’s conclude this chapter with a word from Robert—- ‘Immortals make no apology for being absolutely in love with Life!…….Immortal philosophy and experience unite the creator and the creation into one, divine whole. The body is experienced as the most sacred temple of truth, which is destined never to be destroyed. All matter is sacred, alive and divine. The DIVINE is absolutely attached to Life!…..’
Isn’t Robert’s Divine, divine! That divine is definitely invited to this party…


The Fun Way of Physical Immortality Philosophy’ Dr Janni Lloyd – Book and eBook available at


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