Posted by: physicalimmortalitythemasspossibility | May 14, 2015

Mass consciousness explorations about agelessness

I saw ‘The Age of Adaline’ a couple of weeks ago…
I found this movie interesting and a fairly accurate description of the re- inventions of identity that would have been necessary in most parts of the world if one had become ageless in the 1930’s. Most countries and people in the world are much more tolerant of different ways of looking and being now. I like that she was an ‘ordinary immortal’.
I did not agree with her comment that ‘it’s not the same loving someone if there is no growing old together’ . A loving relationship is about sharing together in the now. And I feel the majority of people would prefer to share in a healthy state now and ongoingly. It unfolds that she had a trust issue with confiding to her loved one her ageless state. And one would have been cautious at that time in our evolution as she did not want to become a’ guinea pig’.
Her ageless state according to the scriptwriters came about because of a ‘scientific phenomenon’ that would be discovered in 2035 ( I think that was the year they said) I like this part as its acknowledging that humanity is very close to this potential unfolding for all.
The last 15 mins was nice in some ways however just a little annoying in others. Her ‘ageless state’ was reversed and the annoying bit was she pulled out a grey hair and said ‘perfect”.
She would now ‘grow old’ with her man.
On deep reflection of this part I can understand how she would have felt as though agelessness had been ‘thrust’ upon her – she was given no choice. The beauty of this part becomes evident when one realises that only 20 years from now, according to the movie script ,the ageless state will be available to both her and her man …they then both have a choice  .
Overall I found it quite engaging 🙂


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