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‘HEALTHY LONGEVITY PHILOSOPHY – Through the finite barrier’ eBook Dr Janni Lloyd

My NEW eBook is here…’Healthy Longevity Philosophy – Through the finite barrier’ 🙂 ❤

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It is such an interesting time for humanity. For the first time hundreds of thousands of people are seeing beyond the finite barrier created by the belief ‘physical death is inevitable’…..breaking through into future possibilities that are without limit.
People with many different worldviews – scientific, holistic, spiritual, multi – dimensional and those who simply love life – are coming together to own the right to live indefinitely in full health. They are creating a new philosophy as they go ….one of peace, love, cooperation, joy, inclusiveness and gratitude for the gift of Life on this glorious planet. Earth and all its inhabitants are honoured and respected as family and home.
These people see themselves as citizens of Earth and the Universe. They envision hundreds of years spent in many different countries of the world….and perhaps a few hundred in other parts of this vast Universe. Travel on Earth and travel in space are often of interest. When there are no boundaries or limits on health, life span and dreams, infinity becomes the place to inhabit in every Now moment.
Many have a deep sense of purpose and like the idea of honing their craft and taking it to new creative spaces. They also entertain the possibility of multiple careers – some having already played many roles in society. Learning new things is a joy to them.
They see equality and abundance in all ways for all people of the Earth – a sharing around the world of all the innovations of this creative evolution.
Celebrating Life as we have never known it before…..
the Party has indeed begun…..

My interest in health formally began in 1973 when I commenced my medical degree at the University of Western Australia. I spent many years in General Practice with a special interest in the psychological and emotional aspects of health maintenance and disease creation. In 1994 I moved into Holistic medicine. In 1992 I began studying and living Healthy Longevity / Healthy Life Extension and the philosophy of Physical Immortality from many different perspectives – psychology, spirituality/theology, holistic medicine, medical science and quantum physics.
Very early in my journey it became obvious to me that the psyche and emotions have a major connection to health and wellbeing…. And also on the return to health after a period of disease.
Scientific studies have been showing us for many decades that the ‘placebo effect’ – the receiving of a ‘sugar pill’, not an active medication – is involved in about 30% of recovery. For about one in three people the healing mechanisms of the physical body return them to health.
Science is now revealing many of the pathways and mechanisms involved within our biology that creates the state of ongoing health. It is also revealing ways that we can activate these pathways.
One pathway is the Parasympathetic Nervous System (aka, the Relaxation Response). It has been shown to be linked to longevity.
Nobel Prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn and Elissa Epel, a postdoc from UCSF’s psychiatry department, have done numerous studies in recent years that link Meditation with increased Telomere length – a known marker for health and longevity.
There is a growing body of evidence showing the link between positive affect and positive cognition with physical health and longevity. Science will reveal many more of these pathways and mechanisms.

I bring together many deep insights in all of my work that highlight and strengthen some of the conditions thought to activate these pathways within our biology.

Enjoy the journey….

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