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The power of story, myths and movies to create our evolving reality……
Here is an except from my book about this –
The beautiful bouquets that we harvest for ourselves are often the result of ideas that have been seeded creatively by life – these are frequently planted by books and movies. It seems to me that most popular and classic books and movies have had significant influence on the evolution of mass consciousness. We all have our favourites …… I‘ll share here some of the symbolism from a few of mine.
‘Bless my homeland FOREVER …. with ‘The Sound of Music‘ ….‘
In ‘ The Sound of Music – the making of America‘s Favourite Movie‘, Julia Antopol-Hirsch had this to say about the decision of the film makers to make this movie – “Finally at 2 in the morning, utterly frustrated and talked-out Lehman stopped and said, ‘Willy, I know you hated the stage show, but just tell me one thing. What did you feel at the moment that Captain von Trapp started singing ‘The Sound of Music‘ with his children? Wyler took Lehman‘s hand and said, ‘Funny you should bring up that moment, I almost cried.‘ Lehman smiled and said, ‘Willy, that‘s it! That‘s what it‘s all about !”
What was that moment about? A patriarchal, left-brained, logical, disciplined man OPENING HIS HEART and RECONNECTING with his musical, creative, fun loving, right brained children and his own inner child. The dance of Yin/Yang.
Maria, the archetypal divine mother, created a bridge of unconditional love between the two. Until we create that unconditionally loving, co-operative and peaceful bridge – we are at war within our own being and this is reflected in our world. This element was also portrayed in the movie with the back drop of the 2nd World War.
The family, having found peace within themselves, were intuitively led to peace ‘on the other side of the mountains‘.
The lyrics and music in this classic also have many life affirming messages.
We have discussed how praise, love and gratitude move us beyond the duality of good and bad. A fun term that I‘ve used to describe this is ‘bagoo‘- bad/good. ‘The Sound of Music‘ brings to our attention the ‘bagoo‘ of childhood and the inner child – the mixture of the fun and sometimes ‘naughty‘ stuff‘ of childhood and the ‘right brain‘ ie singing, music and creativity etc with the logical, left brained, adult stuff.’How do you solve a ‘problem‘ like Maria, how do you catch a cloud and pin it down – she climbs a tree and scrapes her knee, her dress has got a tear, she waltzes on the way to Mass and whistles on the stair, and underneath her wimple, I‘ve seen curlers in her hair ! And I‘ve even heard her singing in the Abbey!!
How do you solve a ‘problem‘ like Maria?
LOVE – always Love…..then one realizes there was never a ‘problem‘ only a disconnection.
‘Bagoo‘ with a different flavour became popular with movies like Grease where Sandy and Danny combined the behaviour of ‘good‘ and ‘bad‘ teenagers. ‘Pretty Woman‘ is another classic where Vivian, the prostitute, adds elegance to her attributes and causes Edward to climb ladders and overcome obstacles to propose to his ‘bagoo‘ woman.
Some more recent movies have combined elegant dance styles with sexy/sensual ones – more ‘bagoo‘. “Save the Last Dance‘ with Julia Styles combines ballet and hiphop, “Take the Lead‘ with Antonio Banderas mixes ballroom dancing with hiphop/street dancing and “Dirty Dancing – Havana Style‘ blends ballroom with Cuban dancing. Our sensuality/sexuality, open heart and spirituality all being allowed to co-exist and dance together. All parts of ourselves respected and honoured – the recipe for healthy, ongoing life and Physical Immortality.
Physical Immortality has been depicted in many books and movies throughout history – often featured as a companion to the return to a ‘paradise on earth‘. All fairy tales finish with ‘…And they all lived happily forever after‘. My feeling is we are well past the dawning of this new ‘golden age on earth‘. Physical Immortality is an ‘idea/reality whose time has come‘.
Tom Robbins ‘Jitterbug Perfume‘, a fiction book written about a physically immortal couple who journey through time, is a wonderfully written, funny and thought provoking book.
The movie ‘Star Trek – Insurrection‘ looked at Physical Immortality from the spiritual perspective and the scientific perspective. They portrayed those who were physically immortal from the scientific perspective as the ‘bad guys‘, however that aside, it is quite interesting and well presented.
‘The Man from Earth‘ is a movie about a caveman who has been around for 14,000 years. He is a college professor and is about to leave his work of 10 years. He is ageless in appearance so needs to move on every 10 years. For the first time he decides to tell his colleagues the truth. The ensuing conversation is insightful and entertaining.
So much of the ‘Fun Way‘ requires embracing your playful child within. A dive into the Disney movies will delight you. ‘Beauty and the Beast‘, ‘Cinderella‘, and ‘Shrek‘ remind us that divine love and beauty are everywhere…. and last forever. Aladdin exposes ‘a whole new world‘, ‘a new fantastic point of view‘ …… a world where we recognize the extraordinary within the ordinary and revel in the unfolding of this miraculous ongoing mystery.
Here is a fun letter I wrote to Aladdin in a play/workshop a while back.
Dear Aladdin,
You are so cool. You just click your fingers and you have whatever you want – you rock man! Cars, boats, holidays – flown courtesy of your magic carpet – you don‘t need any frequent flyer points – Tahiti, Paris, Venezuela – hop aboard the magic carpet ride express!
Actually you know, we /everyday‘ humans are pretty good at manifesting too. We often just don‘t see that we are. For the cappuccino, instead of clicking our fingers, we walk down to the coffee shop and drink it whilst sitting at a table overlooking the ocean. Everything in our lives we manifest, just by the slower methods, but it‘s still manifesting. Anyway Aladdin I‘ve got to go now as I‘m s‘posed to be teaching a workshop.
Cheers Dude
Which characters would you like to talk to or dress up as at the party of your LIFE?….

Enjoy the role play on planet earth and LIVE 🙂

“The Fun Way of Physical Immortality Philosophy’ Dr Janni Lloyd

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