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‘THE SONG OF LIFE’ by Janni Lloyd

 INSTANTLY he woke The crash had sounded as though it came from just beneath the bedroom window. Who could be out there at this time of night. He cautiously peeked through the curtains. There she was – the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her long chestnut hair cascading over her bare shoulders, the pale blue chiffon nightgown flowing opalescent over her lithe body. She looked up at him giggling and apologising for making such a clatter, asking to come in. Was he dreaming. He pinched himself. Ouch. he was definitely awake. Who was she. As he studied her face more closely a memory started to surface. She was the woman he had seen walking past the cab as it pulled up at his house that afternoon. He had felt tingles go up and down his spine when he saw her then. Time had been suspended, or so it seemed, for when his attention came back to the present she was still giggling and beckoning him to open the window. Without further delay he flung the window open and held out his hand to assist her. She was real… my god, or was it goddess.

Standing only centimetres away, her gaze reached deep into his soul. His body vibrated. Timelessness enveloped him. Her words, that were beyond words, filled his entire being.

” The secret of life is in your heart”

She was gone. INSTANTLY.

His body felt weird. It seemed to be singing a new song, one that was harmonious and joyful. It felt like dolphins chirping happily together. Yeah he’d swum with dolphins a few times, it felt like that only more powerful. And energy – he was full of it. He glanced in the mirror. He definitely looked different. Younger. Who was this woman. Had he dreamed her. No way. He’d held her hand when he helped her through the window. She was solid flesh. How had she disappeared.

So many questions. Maybe some sleep would help him assimilate this strange event. The bed felt cosy and normal, he fell asleep feeling his definition of normal was in the process of evolution.

The memory of his mysterious visitor was still vivid the next morning. He’d had some unusual dreams about a place he’d only heard of yesterday – Glastonbury in southern England. He’d been visiting a friend and the conversation had turned to the legends of the holy grail and that Joseph of Aramathea was reputed to have buried the cup from the last supper in Chalice Hill, Glastonbury.

What was the holy grail really. His friend had mused that it might have something to do with having an open, loving heart. And then the woman last night had talked of the heart.

His friend was going to do some work on his car while he was away so he’d caught a cab home. The cab driver was unusually talkative and had enquired about his holiday plans. He’d remarked that England was nice at this time of the year with all the autumn leaves especially in counties like Surrey. How strange that the driver had mentioned that at almost the same moment he’d first seen his beautiful visitor.He started to feel that the universe was suggesting he go to this town of Gl;astonbury during his holiday break. If it mean’t he’d see that women again he’d go to the restaurant at the end of the Multi-verses!

Alhough intent on packing his suitcase, he immediately heard the muffled sound of her laughter accompanied by a gentle knocking. Opening the door he was startled to see that not only was it ‘the woman’ but she was carrying a suitcase.

‘Can I come in? My name’s Marie, I didn’t get a chance to tell you that last time, I was whisked away rather quickly’

‘That’s an understatement. I’ve seen a few unusual exits before but never one like that. Was it teleporting – like they do on Star Trek’

‘Yeah – I can’t do it by myself yet, I was assisted, sort of like a tandem sky dive. I’ll tell you more about that later, I’ve got other things to tell you first , if you’d like me to.’

Like her to – every cell in his body was yelling YES, couldn’t she hear it?

‘Of course. Sit down. Would you like a cup of tea. My name’s Kelvin’

‘Green tea, thanks. Yes, I know, Kelvin Troup, journalist with the ‘New Milleniun’ magazine. You’ve been doing some wonderful articles on physical immortality, that’s whyI’m here’

‘Are you interested in it’ he attempted to sound calm.

He poured the boiling water on the tea bag, enjoying the delicate aroma of jasmine that wafted from it.

‘Yes, I’ve been studying and living physical immortality for quite awhile now. Death is very much a choice, many people are awakening and choosing physical immortality. My feeling is that over the next hundred years all of the earth’s population will evolve into this knowing.’

He placed the tea on the table in front of her and sat opposite. She certainly exuded a vibrant zest for life.

Her body seemed to pulse aliveness and her eyes danced, sometimes with a hint of mischief.

‘You said the other night that the secret of life is in your heart. Is that like the open, loving heart being the holy grail that grants physical immortality?’

‘Sounds very mystical when you say it like that, doesn’t it? It has been shrouded in mystery for centuries. It’s really quite simple though – the more we open our hearts to each other, embrace our differences and, in so doing, love all aspects of ourself, the more aliveness our physical body has. We fully connect to the divine matrix of ‘All that is’.
Physical death is replaced by embracing the ‘litle deaths’ of change and flow. We continually re – invent ourselves, without needing to re-incarnate. We also learn to be more present emotionally in the now moment.’

‘Hmmm that all makes a lot of sense’

‘We thought you’d think that’

‘Who’s we’ he looked around nervously, wondering if someone was about to pop in for a cup of tea, without coming through the open door’

‘Relax’ she laughed ‘she’s not here this time’

‘You mean she was the other time?’

‘ Yep, standing right next to me, that’s how I was able to teleport’

‘Who was she? I guess I couldn’t see her because she was at an energetic frequency beyond my visual range.’

‘That’s right. Windera has been physically immortal for many centuries so she’s learn’t lots of tricks. She can dematerialise her physical body and rematerialise it wherever she wants. She gave me the experience. We both thought you’d get a kick out of it and that it would heighten your interest. It was also a really cool experience for me.’

‘I’m sure it was. Do you run into these advanced immortals often?’

‘She’s only the second ‘advanced’ immortal I’ve come into contact with. ‘Advanced’ immortals like to keep a low profile. They are not into hierarchies and see all of us as their equals – they just happen to know a few more tricks than we do. Occasionally they will assist us if we need it. They don’t want us to give our power away to them.’

‘Yeah I totally get that! Humanity has been doing that for way too long.’

He glanced at her suitcase.

“Oh Windera said you were going on holiday to Glastonbury. I’m writing a book on physical immortality and it’s awhile since i’ve been there. I was wondering if i could go with you? I know a lot about the grail legends. Did you know that the Glastonbury area is the energetic heart chakra of the earth?’

‘No I didn’t. Of course you can come with me. You can show me around.’

“Cool. Do you think we can visit America on the way back. I’ve been wanting to visit there again for quite some time.’

‘Yeah let’s do that. I belong to an internet discussion group called Reconnections, we can say hi to some of the members. They’re an interesting lot, have you heard of them?’

‘Yes I often tune in. I’m sure they’d be wanting to hear my tales of Windera. And reconnecting is sooo what I’m talking about!’

He made her another tea then went to the internet to adjust the plane tickets. He watched her sipping the tea.

She started softly singing – I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony…

The melody touched the deepest region of his heart – harmony was non-judgement, non-judgement was heart’s home.

Sighing with the contentment of the now moment he wondered about the next verse in the song of his life…. hmmm was a partner dance about to begin ……. Life was one big adventure….. maybe it would be exciting to be around a few centuries or more……

‘The Fun Way of Physical Immortality Philosophy’  by Dr Janni Lloyd

Available as Book and eBook at

Dr Janni Lloyd uses a wonderful blend of psychology, spirituality, science and alternative / complimentary medicine to make this new paradigm visible. And its FUN…..
‘The Physical Immortality Philosophy script is ‘Life IS meant to be easy’. Cruising along the river of your heart’s desire, changing course with ease from one life affirming adventure to the next.
Party time! And when you think party, you think music, colour, dance, food and loving friends—the ingredients in the following chapters.
So put on your Party clothes for the celebration of your LIFE!



  1. this is the first time I have visited this site and love what I have read.
    thank you for sharing your wisdom in such a delightful form. I can’t wait
    to read more!
    love and laughter,

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